Food Lion Visa/MC/Amex GC Deal – Get $10 on Your Next Shopping Trip with $100 Purchase

food lion gift card deal

East Coast grocery chain Food Lion is offering a $10 coupon to use on your next visit when you purchase $100 in Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift cards through 5/12/15. There is a limit of one offer per transaction.

Based on the terms which can be found in their weekly ad, all Visa/MC/Amex gift cards should work including variable load cards. One reader has also confirmed a variable load Visa triggered the coupon.

A good use of this deal would be to buy variable load Visa gift cards with a credit card that has a grocery category bonus. Normally those cards cost $5.95, leaving a $4.05 profit plus any rewards earned.

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  1. Variable load visas will require manager override and most food lions only allow cash for those now. YMMV. $200 visas still work without override though.

  2. Yeah the override is a real PIA. Also the coupon itself needed an override on my first shot. This one may be more hassle than it’s worth. Coupon says limit of one per transaction – is this being enforced?

  3. Quitchurbitchin. In VA the ad isn’t running and the purchase did not get me a coupon/rebate. (unless of course I’m missing something????)

  4. I went to my local store today in MD and the sign about the $10 coupon was up at the gift card center but nothing printed at the register. I went to Customer Service and they gave me a $10 gift card so all is well!

  5. Override is only needed for $500.01 and greater. Loading the variable with $494.05 will avoid an override.

    @Phillip The way around one per transaction when redeeming, if it’s enforced, is simple: ring up all your items $10 at a time (or as close as you can) and do multiple transactions. The coupon says one per transaction, not one per person or one per visit.

  6. Note that the coupon comes out about 30-60 seconds after the receipt, so you have to stand there until it comes out. On my third coupon in VA.

  7. Had to get a manager override on a $475 Visa gift card yesterday. Total was just over $480. Was a pain but still worth it to get to my min spend.

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