$100 Lowe’s eGift Card for $85 at Staples

lowes gift card staples

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Through 5/16/15 Staples is offering $100 Lowe’s eGift cards for $85. You can also get $100 Lowe’s physical gift cards for $87. There is a limit of 3 per customer.

Lowe’s generally does not allow the purchase of merchant gift cards with Lowe’s gift cards, but this policy varies by store.

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  1. Do we get 5x when use Ink Plus to buy email delivery GC? I thought I read somewhere that the GC is processed by other merchant so it’s not coded as ofc supply. Thx!!

  2. Merchant eGift cards are sold directly by Staples and should earn 5x with Ink. I think you are thinking of Staples eGift cards. Those are sold by Cashstar and do not earn 5x.

  3. Trying to cash out some Amex gift cards. Will they work online at Staples? Thanks in advance – the site has made me some serious cash.

  4. Do they process these manually or something? I still haven’t received mine. Staples should be able to automate this and have them delivered instantly.

    • They use gift card mall to process the order. U will receive emails from GCM. I received all 3 of mine 2 days later. I wish it didn’t end so quickly. 🙁

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