Today Only 16% Cash Back at Staples – Combine with Ink for 21X

ebates staples 21x

As part of their 16th birthday celebration, Ebates is offering 16% cash back at Staples today only. For those with a Chase Ink card, this amount to a 21X return on Staples purchases.

Note: Gift cards are excluded in the terms and most likely will not earn cash back.

If you don’t already have an Ebates account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.

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    • These are the restrictions on the Ebates site. “Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on gift cards.
      Special Terms: Cash Back not available on items that are placed in the Staples shopping cart prior to clicking through from Ebates.”

      Based on that it seems that coupons should work.

    • Gift cards are excluded in the terms. I don’t have any recent experience with Ebates and gift cards from Staples, so I am simply warning everyone what is in the terms. Maybe someone with recent experience can chime in.

  1. Even regular store gift cards won’t count for the cashback?
    Usually for Cartera based portals, 3rd party giftcards count for the cashback.

  2. Was looking at purchasing some Lowe’s giftcards from there today anyway. Any idea of those qualify through eBates?

  3. I bought a Staples eGift card via the eBates portal and it did *not* register for cashback. Also note that if you put any gift card in your shopping card, even with other items, you can’t pay for the shopping cart, even partially, with a Staples Gift Card. So no double dip opportunities here. I don’t yet know if the staples eGift card will qualify for 5X Ink or not.

  4. I wish I had known about this yesterday to take advantage of this 16X offer. I ordered $255 worth of lowes card over the weekend and today I got an email from Ebates confirming the cashback amount of $5.10 (i.e. 2%). If I had known that Ebates would be paying for Lowes GC purchases, then I would have bought some yesterday resulting in awesome 16% CB.

    I made 3 separate orders of $255 each. So, I’m hoping the other two orders will earn 2% CB as well.

    So, it appears Ebates is paying out on 3rd party GCs and this is good news !!!

      • I think it’s pretty common knowledge that Staples had Lowe’s GCs available for $85 (for a $100) card, up to 3 per person. 🙂

    • Also, you can buy Lowe’s gift cards at a discount various places, more than 2% off. Seems unlikely the 2% Ebates cashback is compensation enough.

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