Up to 2.1% Cash Back on Amex Business Gift Cards on 5/21/15

amex simply best coupons may 2015

The Simply Best Coupons shopping portal will be paying out 2% for the purchase of American Express Business Gift Cards on 5/21/15. For purchases of $20,000 or more, they will add a bonus making the total payout 2.1%.

Referral and referral warning

If you haven’t yet registered for Simply Best Coupons, you’ll find a signup link here (along with many other useful links). If you use my link, you’ll get a $5 bonus when you register and I’ll earn a 5% referral bonus each time you earn rewards from this portal, up to a maximum of $50.

Note this warning from the Simply Best Coupons email:

Please note: creating multiple accounts/identities and self-referring in order to get an extra bonus for own orders will get your account blocked and cashback forfeited. Why risk it?


  • Do not use a promo code to reduce gift card fees or for free shipping since that will invalidate your cash back (the Premium Shipping Plan is fine, though).
  • Do not buy denominations higher than $2,000 (see: $2K denomination limit on Amex gift card cash back)
  • Do not purchase these to load REDbird or Amex for Target since they no longer work for this purpose.


Please see the The Complete Guide to Amex Gift Cards.

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    • You can read all of the options in the guide linked to above, but the main way is to find stores that will allow you to purchase Visa gift cards with the Amex gift cards.

  1. Will this work for for serve reload?
    Also I think there a sync offer for I think $20 back for $200 in AMEX gift card.

    • No these cards cannot be used to load Serve. There is a $10 off $200 Amex Offer. I am not aware of a $20 offer.

  2. How is everyone planning to get the 0.1% bonus for spending $20k. That’s going to be hard to put on one card (impossible for anyone without a limit that high). Can an order be split up over multiple cards?

  3. I understand that I should not order gift card over $2000. Is it per transaction or per account?
    If I place 5 orders with $2000 each, will I get 2% on every order?


    • Yes you would. You could also place an order with several $2,000 cards and you would get the 2% when they offer it. The issue is with cards that have higher denominations, like the $3,000 cards.

    • Credit card loads to REDcard ended on May 6. American Express gift cards are considered credit cards since they don’t have a pin and thus have not worked since then unfortunately.

  4. Hi Shawn;

    I enjoy your blog and follow every post. Is this one over? Today is May 21. I signed up to BestCoupon through your link. Registered and started shopping. I can’t find any American Express site to purchase the A/E gift cards. Do we purchase them somewhere else? I would like to purchase some, but don’t see how?

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