Club Carlson Bonus Award Night Still Live – Check Your Bookings

club carlson bonus award night

While Club Carlson’s Bonus Award Night was supposed to end yesterday, it hasn’t. According to the company via Twitter, the Bonus Award Night offer for current holders of their co-branded credit card will end at 11pm CST on June 1.

Today also marks the changeover of prices at many of Club Carlson’s properties. While a number of properties went up in price, many went down as well. If you have bookings at any hotels that went down in price, you may be able to cancel your reservations and book them at a lower rate while the Bonus Award Night is still around.

For more info and example of hotels that have gone down in price, see this Travel is Free post.

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  1. Are we sure that the points refund is instant when cancelling a booking? That is, if I cancel a room I’ve booked on points today, will I get the points back immediately so I can make another booking?

    I have a stay I’d like to change, but it was a 70k point stay, so I just want some confirmation from someone who has cancelled that it is instantaneous before I mess with it.

    • I cancelled and rebooked several bookings yesterday and each time the points went back into my account instantly. (Make sure your booking is refundable.) Also, I have heard reports from other today who had the same experience.

      • Well, unfortunately, it didn’t work that way for me. I just cancelled a room and the points didn’t go back. Of course, I didn’t cancel the most important room to me — I cancelled an unimportant future speculative booking that changed from Cat 2 to Cat 1 — but no mention of it being nonrefundable (it says cancel today through the day of arrival in 2017 for a $0 cancellation fee). Nothing about losing points. I’m going to call them. Like I said, the booking wasn’t mission critical — but I’d be bummed about losing the points!

        • Update:

          I called in and spoke with a human who put me on hold for a minute and then came back and told me that she had manually credited back the points and she did. I re-booked at the lower rate immediately. Thanks for this post! That stretched me enough to get two more free nights before this is all over tonight!

        • Update #2:

          I made other cancellations and re-bookings and the points posted back to my account immediately. I think the issue was ambiguity — the hotel cancellation policy that I initially cancelled said this:

          Penalty applies to all cancellations.
          Cancel today thru Feb 04 2017 = 0.00 USD.
          Late cancellations will result in a penalty of first night’s Gold Points®. Failure to cancel this reservation will result in a penalty of all Gold Points® for entire stay.

          I ignored the part about a penalty applying to all cancellations. That said, it didn’t say what that penalty would be. It just said that a cancellation prior to February 4th would result in a $0 cancellation fee. There was no mention of forfeiting points unless you failed to cancel on time.

          However, calling over the phone was a quick and painless process. The agent put me on hold for a second to check the cancellation policy and came back and said the points were re-credited. So, it all worked out — but be wary of cancelling something with the above wording even though it may show a $0 cancellation penalty.

  2. Some of the properties haven’t updated to the new category yet (Park Inn by Radisson Resort & Conference Center Orlando still showing Category 2). Any idea if it was being rolled out in phases?

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