Discover It Double Cashback Promotion – Get up to 10% Back for a Year

discover it double cashback

Update: This promotion is now only available to new cardmembers. Currently the promotion has been extended through the end of 2015.

Discover is launching a fantastic promotion for both new and existing holders of their Discover It card. The offer doubles all cashback for the next 12 statement cycles.

During the promotion, the Discover It will earn cashback in the following way:

  • 2% back on all normal purchases
  • 10% back in rotating quarterly categories up to $1,500.

The bonus cashback is paid at the end of the 12 month promotion. While the application seems to indicate this is only for new cardholders, according to Doctor of Credit existing cardholders can register by calling Discover at 1-800-347-3085. In order to be eligible, existing cardholders need to be registered by July 31, 2015.


Double First Year Cash Back:After the first 12 consecutive billing periods that your new account is open, we will double all the cash back rewards you’ve earned and apply them to your account in the next billing cycle. You’ve earned rewards when they have posted to your account by the end of the 12th consecutive billing period. You will not receive Double Cash Back if your account is closed or no longer in the cash back reward program as of the award date. This promotional offer may not be offered in the future.

For more information and a full analysis of this offer, see this Doctor of Credit post.

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    • He is referring to no cap on the normal spend. The 5% categories always have a $1,500 earning cap, so that won’t change. After you hit $1,500 in a bonus category it will revert to the normal cashback level.

  1. Please forgive the rookie question but having never been in the Discover Category Bonus game I was wondering about the $1500 cap. Is that $1500 in Bonuses per quarter? Or once you **spend** $1500 in the Bonus Category you’re cut off?

    In other words, are we talking about a cap of $1500 (after $15,000 in spend), or are we talking about a cap of $150 (after $1500 in spend)? I suspect it’s the latter but would appreciate if someone could confirm. Thanks!

    • You get 5% back in rotating categories each quarter up to $1,500 in total spend. ($75 back.) During this promotion that should double.

      • Thanks Shawn,

        I figured $1500 (on $15k spend) was too good to be true, but in the last year as I’ve really gotten into the CC Rewards and MS game I’ve found that about half of the “too good to be true” scenarios are actually true after all (Redbird’s first ~9 months).

        Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Thanks for this heads up. The CSR read the required T&C, which state that the double cash back takes effect at the start of your next cycle. It will vary by individuals, so timing may be important to get you into Q3 2016.

  3. Try contacting a referer on FT thread if you want the Discover IT. You can get $50 and referer can get $50.

    I can also refer. Contact schnike7 at

  4. So does anyone have an idea on how you can manufacture spend these categories? I can obviously easily max out the amazon spend, but is there a simple way for the gas/restaurant/and holiday shopping categories? I’m curious because I read on DOC that you can have two discover it after a year. So I’m wondering if I can apply for a new card and if there’s a very simple way I can ms it. Like how I can probably just buy amazon e-gfit cards on amazon or simply buy still to resell for my ebay business. However I don’t know if there are any simpler ways that involves VGCs for the other 3 categories….

  5. If anyone of you want 50$ referral bonus then do drop me an email to, I shall refer you folks and if its approved we both get 50$ each, if you apply directly with discover there is no first use bonus available. If I am not wrong, the 50$ that you earn will be doubled after 1 year which would mean u earn $100 for just using your Discover card in first 3 months.

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