$100 eBay Gift Card for $95 – Plus a Possible 5X

ebay gift card june 2015

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay is selling $100 eBay e-gift cards for $95. Unfortunately there is a limit of two e-gift cards per user id.

While eBay gift cards do not earn cashback through portals, you may be able to earn 5X points on this purchase with a Chase Ink card. My purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts as recent as a week ago earned 5X points.

These gift cards are popular since they can be used to purchase other gift cards or merchandise on eBay at a discount. For that reason deals like this tend to sell out fairly quickly.

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      • I think ebates just removed this (cash back for gift card purchases). On the ebates site, gift cards uses to be explicitly listed as a category with 1% cash back, and now it is not.

        On 4/21, 4/24, and 5/21 I got cash back, while gift cards was listed as a category.

        I have not gotten cash back yet for a gift card purchases yesterday or today, but it’s too soon to tell for sure.

  1. I have sort of a dumb question. Is it possible to just keep creating eBay accounts and adding the same paypal account to it in order to buy the gift cards? I have an eBay business (and an ink card) in which I often buy inventory on eBay to resell. These would be a great addition if I could get more than two ahaha…

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