New Amex Offer: $30 off $100 in-store Walmart and Target. Repeat 5 times!

Via Twitter, John reports that Amex is offering a new Amex Offer: Spend $100 or more in-store at Target or Walmart by 7/31/2015 and get a $30 statement credit. This is amazing in a few ways: first, it means getting 30% back from any $100 purchase at either store.  Second, you can get the statement credit 5 times per card registered to this offer!

Target or Walmart


  • Log into your Amex online account to check for this offer under “Amex Offers for You”.  Just FYI: I couldn’t find this offer on any of my or my wife’s cards.  Sad smile
  • If you find the offer on multiple cards, do not click “Save Offer” until you’ve read how to add an offer like this to multiple cards (found here). If you click “Save Offer” too soon, you’ll lose the ability to add it to other cards.
  • In-store purchases of gift cards should work fine.
  • Note that each transaction in-store must be $100 or more. Some offers let you make multiple purchases over time in order to reach the required threshold, but this one requires the $100 threshold each time.
  • If buying a more expensive item, you should be able to split tender and pay $100 at a time if you have this offer on multiple cards.


Please see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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  1. This may be highly targeted. Not on my cards, my wife’s, or any of our companion cards. We did utilize the AMEX $5 off $15 at Walmart promo last year, and the more recent $20 off $20 at Sam’s Club. Often these promos seem aimed at attracting new customers.

  2. 0 for 6…maybe I should make some small purchases at Target/Walmart with these Amexes to get myself targeted for next time? I would LOVE to buy a bunch of GCs!

  3. 1 for 4. I’m thinking the best way to maximize is $200 Vanilla GCs @ Walmart split tendered using the same card twice. $6.88 activation. $53.12 net profit. Repeat. Use the last x1 to buy a $100 Vanilla GC with a $5.38 activation. Net profit is $130.86.

  4. Me: 0/6
    Wife: 0/5
    Daughter: 0/2

    It would be helpful with these items to report what *type* of amex card was being targeted. Is it the cash cards etc?

    All these were negative:

    Spg per/bus
    Gold rewards pers /bus
    Hilton Surpass/HHonors both negative.

    • I have one of their ‘cash’ cards (Blue) and didn’t receive this sync offer. Wife has also has a ‘cash’ Amex cardsand no offer for this deal for her either.

      Me: SPG – no, Blue – no
      Her: SPG – no, Blue – no, Hilton – no, Gold – no.

      Me & Her: 🙁 🙁

      Sure wish we could tweet with a hashtag to get this added, but this deal is very targeted. It also doesn’t help to use your card at these places in order to get noticed for future deals. We both have used these cards randonly at those chains and still didn’t get this sync offer.

  5. I am feeling very lucky today after reading these comments. I never get targeted especially for the Staples promos but I went 4/5 this time so I stand to make quite a bit of money from the deal! Super excited! Gold, Blue Cash, SPG Pers and Hilton Surpass all targeted. Not SPG Bus though.

  6. Got it on my Amex Plat. Too bad we can’t load redbird anymore. But should work well enough for some giftcards.

    Also had a google play $5 for $5 spend offer.

  7. 2/10 (not too bad, huh?)

    I got it on the SPG Personal and HHonors card. Struck out on all businesses and wife’s cards.

  8. I just re-read your master post on amex offers. It seems with the new amex site update, there’s no way to click on AU cards and add the offer.
    So you have to make multiple amex logins.

  9. 0/26
    I was salivating when I saw the email this morning but I was bummed when I read it wasn’t available via twitter. I knew I wasn’t likely to have any luck.

  10. Received offer on 2 of our 12 Amex’s. SPG Personal and Hilton Hhonors that I haven’t used at all since Small Business Saturday!

  11. Wow! I must be lucky today. I can’t believe from reading the comments how common it is for people to have 8, 10, 12, 18, and 26 (!!) Amex cards. Wow. That’s insane. I have one measly Amex card, the personal SPG Amex and I got this offer. Woo-hoo. However, I’ve missed out on getting a whole bunch of other great offers (i.e. Staples, Amazon, etc.), so I’m pretty darn happy.

  12. 3 for 6 (SPG personal, Platinum personal, Everyday Preferred received it, SPG business, Platinum business, old Blue Cash did not). I used the multi tab trick and got it to work on two of them but the third one got an error. Interestingly the error was on the second card, and the third card worked so it went Added > error > Added in that order. So it could have been better but I’m not complaining. Thanks to Amex and Target for $300 in free groceries! This makes up for missing out on the $150 AT&T Wireless offer a few months ago.

  13. First time I’ve seen this in the T&C’s for an Amex offer: “Limit 5 statement credits per American Express online account” , anyone else have any luck getting credit for an offer on an addtional card with this in the T&C’s

  14. I have accepted this offer, but not sure if this is ONE SINGLE item of $100.00 or more or ONE transaction of $100.00 or more (multiple items that exede $100.00)?????????

  15. I know you say that giftcards should work, but does anyone know for sure. Or has anyone done a similar offer where it worked with giftcards. Just wanted to get some more proofpoints on why we think this should work with gift cards.


  16. Just got 5/8 on Saks 6k bonus miles for $400 spend………..that’s 15x no? Then go thru which portal to get there? Discover deals won’t work using AMEX right?

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