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Question to Portal Alert subscribers: should we remove decreased rates?

Currently, daily Portal Alerts show the best portal rates that have gone up or down since the prior day.  Personally, I tend to look just at the rates that have gone up to see if any of those interest me.  The rates that have dropped just make the daily alert more difficult to sift through.

I’m considering changing Portal Alerts to show only the increased rates, not the decreased rates.

Question to Portal Alert subscribers:

Do you like the idea?  Should we filter the daily Portal Alerts to show only rates that have increased?  Or, do you see value in seeing rates that have decreased?

Please comment below.  Thanks!

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  1. I don’t see a lot of value in showing the decreases other than to show when the higher payout period ends. I do however wish that it would show increases on every day of a multiple day promotion, not just on the day it was increased. For example lets say Staples is normally 2pts/$ and on Monday it is raised to 4pts/$ for 3 days. If you missed the portal alert on Monday and look at it on Tuesday, you wouldn’t see Staples as having the increased 4pts/$ even though it is still twice the normal payout. I typically look everyday, but sometimes miss them on the weekend, and don’t notice that there were higher payouts until after the portal alert shows it being decreased.

    • I agree that would be nice. Now that CBM is tracking historic rates, it does seem possible to identify rates that are “higher than normal” and keep showing them until they either drop back down or become the new normal. I think that would be a longer term change to portal alerts, but I do like the idea!

  2. I vote for deleting the decreases. Would it work to have a column with the yearly (or quarterly?) high so you could easily see if the increase is worth jumping on?

  3. I’d like to keep the increases decreases as is, what I’d like to see different is when a rate moves up maybe BOLD it.

  4. I generally care more about only the ones that go up, but sometimes it’s useful to see what went down.

    How about this, could we just have two separate sections? The first section could be for portals that went up, while the 2nd could be for sites that went down, so that way, if you only care about the ones that went up, you can stop reading.

  5. I like it with both up and down. The reason is that if I didn’t have a chance to place an order the day before, it lets me know if I can still get in on the higher payout or if I’ve missed it.

  6. Personally, I’m only interested in the increases. But, perhaps, you could separate out the increases and put them on top and then follow with the decreases on the bottom.

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