New Targeted Amex Offer – Get $75 back with $250 or more purchase at Staples, Home Depot & More (Use 5X)

70 off 250 staples amex offer

American Express has just released a targeted offer giving back $75 with a $250 or more purchase at BevMo, Gordon Food Service, The Home Depot, Jetro/Restaurant Depot, Staples, or Total Wine & More. The offer expires on 8/14/15 and can be used a total of five times!

Before you get too excited, this offer seems to be highly targeted and appears to only be for business cards. If you do have the offer, there is plenty of opportunity including combining it with the upcoming Staples Staples Visa gift card rebate.

Key Terms

Get a $75 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $250+ in-store at BevMo, Gordon Food Service, The Home Depot, Jetro/Restaurant Depot, Staples, or Total Wine & More by 8/14/2015. Limit 5 statement credits. See terms. Terms Valid in-store only. Excludes phone orders. Valid at any participating location in the US. Enrollment limited. Offer is non-transferable. Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards are eligible for this offer. Limit 5 statement credits per American Express online account.

For more info, see this FatWallet thread. (HT: PDX Deals Guy)

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  1. On my biz account only, and not for my authorized user on the same account. But I’m still a very happy camper. My Staples and Target share a parking lot.

  2. Got it on my wife’s SPG. THAT’S $375!!! (Holy cow – why didn’t I get it on MY SPG Biz?) I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
    Oh – and thanks a ton!

  3. Got it on my biz SPG, but not biz Platinum or Gold. Hubby didn’t get it on his biz SPG. Pretty happy!! Been maxing out the Target and Whole Foods deals. Thanks for the “heads up.”

  4. Oo Oo … I didn’t see Restaurant Depot on list at first. I may have to use one round to stock the freezer. Keeps getting better and better.

  5. Like others, none on the AU or personal cards, but my biz plat and my wife’s biz spg had it. The cards just start cooling off from one offer and then the next one hits. Loving it!

  6. How do I ask Target cashier to “split tender” so I can use more than 1 visa debit gc at a time?
    Do I just say $400 then use 2 different cards, and the computer will figure it out??

    • You ask the cashier you want to load $1000. Then tell the cashier you want to pay $200 debit at a time. The key word is “debit”. The cashier will then enter $200 and ask you to swipe the card. Once this is complete, then tell the cashier you want to load another $200 and swipe the card again. Do this 3 more times and you have loaded $1000 with 5 $200 GC in one transaction. The receipt will show 5 loads of $200 each but on Redbird it will show as 1 transaction of $1000. I have done this many times and works all the time.

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