Discover Double Cash Promo registration no longer available for existing accounts

I’ve written a lot lately about Discover’s fantastic Double Cash promotion in which all cash back will be doubled after 12 billing cycles:

The amazing thing about this promotion has been that it was available not just as a signup bonus for new accounts, but also for existing card members.  Sadly, that latter part may have changed…

This morning, reader mh330 posted the following comment to this blog:

As of this morning 6/24 the offer is no longer being extended to existing cardmembers. Have to submit a new application in order to participate in the promotion. Or at least that’s what they told me over chat.

And, I’ve noticed that Discover’s online advertisement seems to support this as well:


Notice the words “only for new cardmembers”?  I’m pretty sure that wasn’t there before.

UPDATE 6/25/2015 9:15 am: A number of readers have confirmed that this promotion is no longer available to existing accounts so I’ve taken the question mark out of the post title.

What to do now?

If you’re a current Discover cardmember and haven’t yet signed up for the Double Cash promotion, consider signing up for a second Discover It card.

If you’re a current cardmember and previously signed up for the offer, then great!  There’s nothing else you have to do.

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  1. A few weeks ago I called to convert my Discover More but didn’t because I was within 2 days of my next cycle. I specifically asked if there was any way that the signups for this promotion would end and the CSR told me that it wouldn’t. Since there appeared to be no risk (at the time) I decided to wait until early July to do the switch. Of course I don’t have it in writing so I’m probably out of luck.

  2. Just talked to Brent at Discover, he would have to pass me to an acquisition specialist for me to qualify for the offer. Not worth it.

  3. I did sign up few weeks ago for this deal. Is there anyway to doublecheck though? Where can existing members see that they are registered?

  4. Well this sucks. I was going to convert my More card to IT after already being offered a $300 cashback bonus for $2000 in monthly spending from July – Nov. I was going to double dip these two promotions to get double cashback for the year and an extra $300. Now I have to probably apply for a second card (it), and try to balance the cash back categories with a the minimum $2000 a month spend on the more card. I guess someone over in corporate got a look at the numbers and weren’t happy with the landslide of current card members using this offer.

    • I’m pretty certain your plan wouldn’t have worked even if this hadn’t happened. When I called to change my More to it (which I didn’t end up doing) I was told that my promotion to get 5% at CVS for June would not transfer over to the it card. Your $300 offer probably wouldn’t have transferred over either.

      • That’s good to know. I’m surprised that they would remove the promotion on my end though because the wording in the $300 back promotion specifically says the offer is invalid only if I convert to an it card prior to enrolling. That seemed to indicate that converting to it after enrolling in the promo would not be an issue. I guess it doesn’t matter now since the double cash back isn’t even an option. I hear the it card is better than the more card in almost every way though, for the most part.

      • I was worried about that too but I converted my wife’s More to an It because the CSR told me that the current “spend $1k/mo for 5 months and get $150” promo we’re half way through wouldn’t be affected. And after the conversion was complete I can confirm the promo remains intact.

  5. Just tried (9:25pmET 6/24) to get the promo applied to my IT card and was told that the promotion is for new accounts only, nothing they could do.

  6. Phew! I feel like I dodged a bullet. I signed up for this because I was afraid I was going to forget. Thank goodness I opted in before they stopped it.

  7. Same here.
    My billing cycle resets today. I was originally thinking of waiting until 6/25, in order to have it in effect starting 7/25 (so I would still get almost a month’s worth of 5% double cash back in the Q3 category for 2016 as well…) But i just signed up for it anyway a few days ago. Very lucky.

  8. I wish I had known about this. I missed it here and it seems that none of the other bloggers I follow even mentioned it. No one seems to cover much Discover Card news.

  9. was also waiting for the July cycle to start this. just called and was told the promotion stopped being available to existing members on the 23rd. bummer…

  10. Wow, I did it last week for me and my wife despite some bloggers suggesting the offer was better to get it next quarter. I was lucky since my billing statement ends next month. For the rest, u have to jump on the bandwagon..similar to the Amex offers. Discover Deals is awesome.


  11. After seeing mh330 comment yesterday morning, I called Discover. They told this promotion is over and I cannot be enrolled. I told them I converted my More to IT, since I was told this offer is only available to IT members. Then she transferred me to a supervisor who read the notes of my previous conversation where my More to IT conversion was solely to take advantage of this promotion and was advised by the agent to call after the bill cycle ended. She enrolled me into the promotion which goes into effect after my next billing cycle which is July 21st.

    • I’m in a similar situation except I didn’t actually convert from More to it yet. At the time why did you make the conversion but not sign up for the promotion right then? I might try to complain too but I don’t think it will work.

      • Eric,

        My More to IT conversion would be effective only on June 20th after the statement prints. So the agent advised me to call back and enroll in the Double Cash-back promotion after the conversion happens because he cannot apply the promotion on the More Card. Hope this helps.

        • I actually emailed Discover shortly before you sent your reply. Hopefully they’ll be fair about it.

  12. Concern: Even when the restrictions listed on a particular Discover Deals Offer don’t specifically mention excluding gift cards, down below it will often say this: “Cardmembers who participate in a Cashback Bonus Program will receive the specified Cashback Bonus on Discover Deals purchases made with your Discover card in connection with these promotions during valid promotion dates in addition to any other Cashback Bonus you will earn on that purchase” Obviously, we would all “probably” use the Discover Card on the 1st time through, but if we want to double dip using a gift card on the second time through, does this wording mean we are not able to go back through on a double dip?? Help, I don’t want to be wasting my time thinking I’m double-dipping when I am not!

  13. Received the new card about a week avon and just called to confirm I had double CB thru June 5, 2016. Thanks for the heads up……..

  14. I enrolled my existing IT card in the promo today. I originally delayed thinking that it was a better strategy to have the double coverage for the Q3 2016 categories instead of a couple weeks in June 2015. Luckily I had initiated a chat session in June when I almost enrolled but then delayed when I was told I had until this month to enroll. So the very helpful CSR looked for that chat session and verified that someone communicated that to me. So now I have 2x on Q3 2016 too!

  15. Just another data point from my end for people still interested…I was still able to get the double cash back activated today (7/14) for my Discover IT that I got in early May 2015 after a very painful process. I am not sure if the only reason they did it for me is because I am a “somewhat new” cardholder who barely missed the deadline, but it worked after going through a few reps on the phone and finally through chat.

    Also was given a $10 credit for $500 spend in the next 12 months which was nice too.

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