$10 Free Statement Credit for Using Amex’s new Payment Service Amex Express Checkout

amex express checkout
American Express is launching their new payment system called Amex Express Checkout. To celebrate the launch, they are offering a $10 credit for cardholders who pay with Amex Express Checkout on select websites.

The included websites are:

  • Barkbox.com
  • us.burberry.com
  • laithwaiteswine.com
  • ledbury.com
  • newegg.com (Sells eGift cards to hundreds of merchants.)
  • sabon.com
  • ticketmaster.com
  • virginwines.com
  • warbyparker.com
  • wsj.com
  • wsjwine.com

Key Terms

  • Offer ends 9/7/15.
  • Limit one (1) $10 statement credit per American Express online account per merchant. (This should mean that you can get the credit once each at every merchant listed above.)
  • Offer only valid on orders shipped within the United States and its territories.

You can find the full terms and promotional details here.

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  1. Offer only valid on orders shipped within the United States and its territories, so I was wondering does it work on digital or egift cards which does not actually “ship”?!!

    • Usually when a digital order is sent, it is considered shipped. If you are in the U.S., then it should count. You can contact Amex to confirm that.

    • According to the terms, it seems this will only work once per online account across all cards. With that said, at least one person has said Amex told them it will work once per card. You may want to contact Amex to confirm on your accounts.

  2. Hoping someone can confirm whether this will work once per card or not. Hoping it is so I can get $50 in free Home Depot gift cards.

  3. Is everyone seeing a full list of cards from your online account when you go to buy? It only presented 3 of my 7 cards for some reason. I’m hoping we’ll get confirmation of each card qualifying for the offer so I can do all 7, but with 4 of them missing, that won’t happen.

    Of course we could remove and activate accounts for each individual card, but that’s a bit of a pain.

  4. Can’t get the Home Depot gift card at NewEgg to give me an order confirmation. After amexcheckout it asks me to log into Newegg again, then nothing…. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I want my free chit

  5. I got the “Thank you for using AmEx Express Checkout” email for ordering from Newegg. But it had no mention of the $10 statement credit promo. We’ll see what happens.

  6. 1. Anyone see any other free/near free uses besides GC’s at Newegg? I don’t and went thru each site.
    2. Anyone getting confirmation of their $10 credit? Not seeing it for me or my wife’s other than “Thanks for using Amex Checkout” emails.

    • Nope. Charge posted to my statement immediately, but the credit still hasn’t posted after 4 days. This obviously works differently than the offers since those credits post the same day charges post.

  7. I had only one $10 credit for newegg post thus far. The others were a bust and even worse they were for VGC’s with a $6.95 each. And to boot they are Vanilla.

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