Amex Express Checkout Deal Update – Getting the $10 Credit on Multiple Cards & Minimum Purchase Amount

amex express checkout update

Last week we covered the launch of the new payment service from American Express called Amex Express Checkout. As part of the launch, the company rolled out a deal giving a $10 credit at select merchants.

A number of things were unknown when the offer was released. The terms didn’t make it clear if the offer was limited to one use per online login or per credit card. It also wasn’t evident if you needed to make a $10 purchase in order to receive the credit. Thankfully some data points have started to roll in and we now have some answers.

Amex Express Checkout Updates

  • Each credit card account is eligible to receive the $10 credit once at each merchant.
  • Based on reports there is no minimum purchase amount required.

For more information about the latest developments, see this Miles to Memories post.

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  1. I can confirm the part about no minimum purchase. I ordered those $0.01 online courses and the $10 credits have posted (ordered on 7/10, posted on 7/13). This worked for all 25 logins (each AU has a separate login), so I’m celebrating this as a mini-SBS. 🙂

    • Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the data point. On a side note, does it get a little tedious managing 25 online logins?

      • It’s not too bad because I use 1Password. It’s pretty quick to log out and back in when I’m checking offers on Amex, and by keeping separate online accounts I don’t have to worry about losing offers on associated cards when I save an offer. For this Express Checkout offer it was just a matter of selecting an account from a dropdown each time I made a purchase.

      • Each authorized user counts as a card. I have about 20 more but haven’t set up online accounts for them yet – THAT’S the tedious part that I left out above.

      • Only American Express cards issued by Amex with a login on are eligible. Basically if you can login and see it on then it will work. Authorized user cards for Amex issued accounts work as well.

  2. For those looking for something cheap to buy at Newegg, search for “DLC” and sort by price lowest to highest. Several items available for 40 cents.

  3. Do the items have to ship before the credit? I ask because I’m not sure a digital download would ever show as shipped

  4. Shawn & Gang,

    If anyone is having trouble figuring out what to buy on NewEgg, you can purchase digital video game code downloads for .40 cents each = $9.60 cashback after AMEX checkout credit. Also, AMEX Serve cards do not apply even though they have unique logins. Regular AMEX auth user cards DO apply so long as they have unique account logins. AMEX checkout confirmation emails came within minutes so I’m confident I will eventually get teh credits. Hope this helps!

  5. I am not getting the Amex Express checkout option when I try to purchase Newegg GC. Not sure why. Help appreciated. Thanks

  6. Unfortunately only three of my five AmEx cards showed up when I went through AmEx Checkout. No clue why the other two don’t (why would an SPG card show up but a Delta and Hilton not?), especially as they are all associated with the same AmEx login. Oh well; win some, lose some.

    • They are there. For some reason it only shows three. Try using the scroll wheel on your mouse or the down arrows on your keyboard and it should scroll to the other cards.

  7. I have 20 cards, and have been plugging along buying CVS $10 gift certificates, which I’ll eventually use on prescriptions. Newegg has a 48 hour waiting period per address per gift certificate (I tried to add multiple accounts but if either the shipping or billing address matches they will cancel the order.)

    Sort of silly the lengths I have gone through for 200 bucks, but I can’t let this one go. Free money.

    • I hear you. I suppose if you just want to be done with it or if you run out of time you could get the video game codes for $0.52.

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