Sears & Kmart 10% Cashback Through Discover Deals – Double Dip For Up to 50% Off

sears kmart 10 discover deals

Discover has doubled the cashback rate for both Sears & Kmart to 10% through their Discover Deals portal. For those cardmembers who are enrolled in Discover’s double cashback promotion that 10% would double at the end of their double cashback year.

Additionally, Discover is offering 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases at department stores in the 3rd quarter which includes Sears. That 5% is also doubled at the end of the year for members registered for the promotion.

It may be possible to double dip the portal cashback by purchasing Sears eGift cards for a total of 50% cashback. For more information, see Double dipping Discover’s 3rd quarter categories.

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  1. Got a mail letter from discover for not using discover to check out. Said this was “fraud”.

    They reclaimed $70 (of the $340) I earned that month. The internal audit wasn’t very thorough.

    ** don’t take my advice, but might want to buy the gift card through discover deals and then complete the purchase using the gift card through a different portal.

    Southwest also took points from me last month. I assume for using the sgc to buy vgc, again not a very thorough audit. As I only lost 8k of the 40k that month.

    • I have a lot of datapoints from friends and myself that show discover is seriously cracking down on this as well. I would do only the initial purchase of the gc and then use another portal for the 2nd purchase.

    • Wow, that’s a dick move from Discover. I understand if they deny the cashback because you didn’t use the card, but removing cashback after it was awarded and talking about “fraud” is preposterous

    • Out of the $340 you earned, did they reclaim all of the % you made from using GCs on the 2nd transaction or just occasionally caught it? If they don’t catch it often I’m trying to figure out if it’s “worth the risk” since I might can can earn up to 50% here in cash back (especially when it’s large item purchases such as $1000+) Losing out an extra 5% might not be that bad if I have the chance to earn 20% cash back, sorta like acash back lottery. Anyone else had any recent success or failures with Discover Deals & Cashback through Sears?

    • How long did it take for Discover to receive the letter and/or claw back the cashback? And is this only on Sears or all others? i also bought Home depot and Macy’s merchandises using gift cards purchased on the net. Received the emails from discover that cashbacks are on the way… wondering when I should feel safe that cashback earned won’t disappear one day.

  2. I agree they refused to give me for two purchases.
    Both were paid with GC previously bought through portals.
    I agree with above- buy GC through DD and then use a different portal for the GC spending.

  3. This is the first time I attempted to order sears e-gift cards. I got the e-mail requesting me to call them to verify my purchase. I seem to remember comments in the past about not proceeding if this happens and attempting to reorder. Am I correct or am I making that up? Have people gotten cashback after verifying the order? Or should I just attempt to reorder a gift card of a different value?

    Thank you!

    • Just call and verify the order. I’ve only personally done this once but the cashback tracked through Discover for that order after having to do the verification. That matches FM’s other posts on this as well.

      • Although this may work for some, be wary as the T&C of the DD portal states explicitly that cash back excludes SYWR redemptions. So if your cashback does not go through, you will have no case to pursue with Discover.

  4. Is there a place for a breakdown of a month’s DD CB activities? I had no regular DiscoverIt card activity but multiple DD Sears purchases with an Amex card.

    • Did you really think that through? I’ve always considered it a no-brainer to make sure each Discover statement has at least as much $$ in purchases, as $$ in cashback. Shouldn’t be too tough, suppose you used that Amex for 1 $500 purchase generating $50 Discover cashback. Then use the Discover here and there during the next week for $50-55 in swipes.

  5. Sear has Visa gift card through gift card mall partner. Can I buy visa gift card? or can I use Sear gc to buy other gcs at Sears?

    • you cannot by visa GC with Sears GC online, you may be able to by other GC at your local sears with sears GC, just depends on your store

    • You cannot buy because it will go through GiftCardMall and won’t code as Sears and earn or earn cashback.

    • Not that they published or told me when signing up. All cashback is supposed to be doubled.

      • Spoke to a CSR(YMMV obviously) as my bonus cycle starts tomorrow and wanted to make sure the bonus was still on the card. Had him explain it to me and he said any bonuses, promotions, anything, all cashback at the end of the year earned was doubled. I went for broke and asked him if there were any spending promotions available, he gave me a $10 cashback on $100 spent in 30 days. Lol, gotta start somewhere!

  6. I don’t think buying Sears GC count toward department store. On my posted transaction, it says:


  7. So three questions.

    #1 From your past experience can you confirm if purchases have qualified for 5% quarterly bonus ?

    #2 Lets say this offer stays till perpetuity, how much gift cards can you buy before being shut down by discover ? Have there been any past experiences or cases of Discover shutting down cards ?

    #3 How much do you personally spend on discover(for earning cashback) on monthly basis ?

  8. What is the maximum amount you can load on a single sears physical gift card ? What is the max limit on online/printable gift cards ? Does Sears allow purchasing an item with multiple gift cards ?

  9. I went through Discover Deals for the first time (new card) to Home Depot, and used a gift card purchased off a reseller site rather than the Discover card. No sign of the cash back. I used an incognito window in Chrome. My question is – are other people finding that this issue of no cashback if you don’t pay with Discover is applying beyond Sears?

    • I did same thing with home depot last month…. never tracked but I needed to return the item anyway. It’s possible that it’s the home depot that’s not tracking it correctly. Another data point… a week before this event I did the same thing but through topcashback and got the cash back. and as recent as couple weeks ago, I did same thing with Macy’s… buying an espresso machine with giftcards. cashback tracked in few days after receiving the package.

  10. Ordered Sears gift cards, did the security verification. E-mails came for the gift cards. I click the “redeem/print” button in the e-mails, I’m taken to No “secure site where you can view or print your gift card number or pin” as the e-mail states, link just takes me to Customer service are idiots and think I’m trying to scam them, won’t cancel/refund the order and want to send me physical gift cards in “7-10 days”.

    Use chrome/win7. cleared cookies, disabled everything, ran incognito. Even tried in IE. Nothing loads.

    Anyone else ever have this?

      • Tried again this morning and it worked as it should. Assume the security hold hadn’t properly been released on the order or something. What a waste of time that was on the phone yesterday!

  11. Can somebody confirm that they actually received the 10% cashback for a Sears GC purchase through the DD portal? I’m highly skeptical that Discover will honor these transactions.

  12. Ok… sorry in advance for the long post. My 21 year old water heater is finally dead and I was gonna buy a new one from Sears using my Discover IT card through the portal. With the possibility of up to 50% CB (I got in on the year end CB doubling as an existing customer in Jule) has me thinking about getting a hybrid electric model which I would never do otherwise. It is $700 more than a regular electric unit. But maxing the Sears CB and annual energy savings have me intrigued. So I would need to go through the portal and buy $1200 in GCs with my Discover card (the unit is $1140 but with tax will be over $1200) then go back through the portal and buy the heater with the GCs. Sounds easy enough! But people are having problems with Discover honoring the purchases using gift cards? So if they flag it then I would lose the second 10% through the portal (20% total after the year)? But still get all the original GC purchase CB?

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