eBay Gift Card Sale – Up to 20% Off on a Number of Popular Cards

ebay back to school gift cards

eBay is holding yet another gift card sale with a variety of cards on sale and discounts up to 20%. Remember that you can also go through a portal to earn 1.1% back and you should earn 2% in eBay Bucks as well. Purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts have been known to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points with Chase Ink cards.

Some of these cards will go quick and some will linger around. In the past eBay has sent out targeted 3X/4X/5X promotions a couple of days after the start of a gift card sale, so it may be wise to wait on some of the slower selling ones. With that said, there is always a risk of the cards selling out.

Paypal Digital Gifts

SVM Gift Cards


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  1. I keep getting PalPay errors sending me back to eBay. I usually encounter this after trying to place an order that exceeds the purchase limit, in this case, 5 for $200 Staples GC. What’s frustrating is that once I received this error, I could not find a way to successfully place an order for even one Staples GC. And it doesn’t matter if I switch browser or PC.
    Anyone has experience getting around this?

  2. The Staples $200 for $170 should stack nicely with the $50 off $200 Visa Checkout promotion to resell some things. Should earn me ~$300 between portals and eBay Bucks plus ~9500 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

  3. Same issue for me on staples. Tried to buy more than 1 and got a paypal error every time. Places 5 individual orders for 1. We will see what happens.

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