[Offer Expired] New 60K Offers on Gold Delta SkyMiles Business & Personal Amex Cards + $50 Statement Credit

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Delta and American Express have a targeted offer for both the personal and business versions of the Gold Delta Skymiles credit card.

[Offer Expired] The Offer

  • Earn 60,000 bonus miles after spending $1,000 on the card within the first 3 months.
  • Receive a $50 statement credit after making a Delta purchase within the first 3 months.
  • $95 annual fee is WAIVED the first year.
  • Expires 8/31/2015.

Card Benefits

  • Free checked bag
  • Priority boarding

How to Get the Offer

I have been able to get the offer to show on all 3 of my family’s accounts by following the instructions laid out in this post. This may cross the line for some people, so please use your best judgement.

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  1. Well, I gave it a go. Not immediately approved, but I expect it will be OK.
    Don’t know if I should call – and what phone number to call …?

    Thanks for the alert.

  2. Update: I called a recon number I found and a message suggested I try americanexpress.com/applicationstatus which I did and … Approved already !! I didn’t even have to give up a card.

    Thank you again, and despite what everyone says I am lately able to get some value from Delta. Over the years I accumulated 500,000+ Skymiles mainly because I could never find a use for them – but in the last year I have taken a business class trip for 2 to Europe – and still have 500,000+ Skymiles. This will add another 60K.

  3. Can I ask a question about Delta?

    I’m about 2 years into this miles game – I’ve never really gone in Delta’s direction. In the last year everything I’ve read from the blogging community has been extreme frustration and anger towards Delta (hiding awards, substantial devaluation, no availability, “they obviously hate their customers”, etc etc).

    I know everybody devalues, but the Delta “press” was SO much worse than other award programs that have gone through devaluation it seemed clear Delta was the worst of the worst.

    Then these 50k and 60k cards came out and everybody is falling all over themselves to get them. I’m not trying to be a troll, honestly just trying to learn here. Is Delta really Doctor Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

    • I try to report on anything that is a good deal. Delta definitely has taken bold moves with their program, but a 60K offer like this still has a lot of value.

      For example, Delta has a program called Pay With Miles, where you can use their miles at a $.01 value to book tickets. Even if we value SkyMiles at $.01, this offer is worth $650. Any bonus worth that much is a good deal and is worth reporting.

      I personally wouldn’t get SkyMiles just to hold onto, because Delta is making a ton of changes constantly. Right now a lot of mileage currencies like AAdvantage are worth north of 1.5 cents each generally, but even if SkyMiles are not worth that, this deal still has a lot of value.

      • Thanks for the response, that helps.

        I hope my original question didn’t sound like a criticism, I love (and rely on) the deals you share and don’t expect them all to be a perfect fit for me. Just trying to understand the Delta situation as there seems to be a lot of positive buzz out there for the Delta cards over the last few weeks and I’ve been trying to reconcile that with all I’d read about the program changes.

        Thanks for taking the time to help clarify, really appreciate it.

  4. What’s the minimum # days between Amex applications? I just finished my churn 9 July and wonder if there is a chance that soon!

    Any idea on how long this offer will last?


  5. Besides the obvious such as a delta ticket purchase can you let us know what else constitutes a delta purchase? Delta Gc?

    • I have confirmed that Delta gift cards do work. Pretty much any purchase from Delta whether it be gift cards, tickets or ancillary fees should trigger the credit.

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