New Targeted Amex Offer – $15 Credit with a $79 or More Purchase at

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The Amex Offers keep rolling in. Today a new offer has surfaced giving a $15 credit with a $79 or more purchase at by 8/31/15. Unfortunately this Amex Offer appears to only be available via the American Express website and cannot be loaded via Twitter or other methods.

It also appears to be highly targeted. I know of several people who did not receive the offer on any of their cards. My family received it on a total of 3 cards out of a possible 20.

Key Terms

  • Valid online only.
  • Excludes phone orders. Valid only on US Website.
  • Excludes corporate gift card purchases. VUDU video on demand is excluded. Gift card reloads are excluded. Excludes, Walmart Photo Services, Walmart Checks, Walmart’s Grocery Pickup/Delivery service, insurance services,, and BabyBox.
  • Excludes Sam’s, Neighborhood Market, Marketside, Walmart To Go, and Vudu. If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent until after 8/31/2015, it may not count towards determining whether the purchase qualifies for the offer.


For more information see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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    • Me too. I have been shut out of almost all of the good offers lately. This time my wife got targeted 3 times, so it is getting a little better I suppose.

      There are a few companies that collect a ton of data about us from hundreds of sources and correlate it together to sell to companies like Amex, your cable provider, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if that has something to do with it.

  1. Don’t order Walmart egift cards. Reports are that they’re all getting canceled by Walmart. If you’re going to order Walmart gift cards order physical gift cards.

      • well, worked on the first card (eGC already delivered), but second go around on wifes card got cancelled so YMMV

        • Q what happenes to the confirmed $15 use of the offer from american express (I did get an email before walmart cancellled), when is it safe to order something else?

  2. Does walamart/samsclub allow purchasing third party gift cards with their own gift cards in store ? if yes can we do this at self-checkout

  3. Would be interested to know of further developments on this vis a vis gift card purchases.

    In addition, could those who post be quite specific as to what they bought — e.g., was it a physical or an e-gift card, and was it a Walmart card or another brand/vendor of what you purchased.

    I gather from the above, with no contrary points mentioned, that a purchase of two (2) physical Walmart denominated gift cards, triggered the credit and was not canceled by Walmart, but it is not truly clear that this is a safe avenue to explore without more refinement of the answer.

    Many thanks!

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