Kmart & Staples Gift Card Deals Return & An Update on eBay Gift Card Sale Stock

staples kmart gift card deal

As part of a back to school sale last week, eBay launched a number of deals on gift cards. We covered all of the sales at that time, but many of the more popular ones sold out quickly. Now it looks like a couple have returned.

Kmart $25 eGift Card for $21.25 – Limit 5

This deal sold out quickly last time since it was possible to resell the cards to SaveYa for a profit. That option no longer exists, but it is still a decent discount on cards that can be used at both Sears and Kmart.

Staples $200 eGift Card for $170 – Limit 5

Update: Staples cards are out of stock.

This deal also sold out quickly during the eBay sale. Paypal Digital gifts has brought back the sale, although it isn’t going through eBay, but rather through them directly. To see the discount, simply select the $200 denomination.

Other Cards Available

Some of the other gift card deals from last week are still available. Here are the ones I found that still had stock.

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    • During the sale period. Basically, it means a total of 3 of that specific item. If it goes on sale again in the future, then you should be able to purchase it again as long as the item listing is different.

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