Ticketmaster $.50 Tickets – Use Your Amex Express Checkout Credit for a $9.50 Profit

amex express checkout

A reader has sent in a tip that Ticketmaster currently has a set of 2 tickets for $.25 each. Purchasing these tickets and checking out with Amex Express Checkout should trigger a $10 statement credit and an overall profit of $9.50 per Amex card.

Direct Link to Tickets

I don’t expect that this will last long. Every time we have seen a cheap option surface to take advantage of this deal, it has died relatively quickly.

Questions About the Deal?

For more information regarding the Amex Express Checkout deal including terms and how to maximize, see this Miles to Memories post.

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      • I switrched browsers and got it to work. Go figure. But it slowed me down — I was going to do all my AMEX cards, but only got 4 done before the tickets sold out.

  1. DEAD.

    There are problems with your submission

    Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase with Amex Express Checkout right now. Please choose another way to pay.

    • Just worked for me a few seconds ago. I did have to close browser and re-open in incognito to avoid the country error mentioned above.

  2. That was fast ! First 3 orders went off with out a hitch. Then the foreign country BS. Kept plugging away. Total 7 orders.

    Thanks FM Team !

  3. Me: I need your Amex CID
    Spouse: What are you doing?
    Me: Buying tickets… to a concert… in Rhode Island…

    See you all there! 😉

    • I do feel a little bad about this. What’s the deal with these 50 cent tickets? Are they trying to fill the house? If so, they’ll be thrilled to see the demand, and then very disappointed when no one shows up.

      • These aren’t actually real tickets. These are for testing purposes for TM that for some reason were made public. I’m just hoping they don’t get canceled before the charges post.

  4. How to find such prices? 🙂
    Is there an easy way?

    I got 5 in…and then the foreign country thing….even with these 5…I had so many problems…as a lot of times I never got the text message 🙁

  5. anyone get the Amex credit for these yet?
    I got two cards down and the charges have posted yet I’ve seen nothing from Amex on the credit.

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