Pay mortgage, rent, and more by credit card. Plastiq offers 1.99% Amex and MasterCard promo rate!

Plastiq is a card-based payment service that allows consumers to use credit cards to pay bills where credit cards are not normally accepted.  Common examples include rent, mortgage, tuition, etc.

Plastiq usually charges a flat 2.5% fee for this service.  That’s already cheaper than most competitors, but for a limited time, Plastiq is offering reduced rates (1.99%) when you pay with American Express or MasterCard.

Plastiq offers 1.99%

The only way to get this reduced rate is to sign up for Plastiq via a promotional signup link like this one:  Once you have signed up for the service using this link, you can browse directly to to pay bills and you will receive these special rates for as long as the promotion is active.

Important Notes

  • To secure these promotional rates, sign up for a new account using this link: (or, use a similar link found on another publication)
  • If you signed up for Plastiq before this promotion started, you can re-register with a different email address in order to get the promotional rates.
  • Once you have signed up for the service using the above link, you can browse directly to to pay bills and you will receive these special rates for as long as the promotion is active.
  • The end date for this promotion has not yet been set.  One way to lock in lower rates is to setup recurring payments.
  • Plastiq does accept Visa, MasterCard, and Amex gift cards for payment.  As with regular credit cards, Visa gift card payments will incur the standard 2.5% fee whereas MasterCard and Amex payments will be charged 1.99%.
  • Disclosure: I will earn a $5 referral fee for each person who signs up via the link shown above.


Please see: The Complete guide to Plastiq credit card payments.

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  1. Great news, especially since I bought AGC through TopCahBack today at the higher casuback rate. Do you know how long the Plastiq promotion will last?

  2. So my mortgage payment is $2002 and amusingly $2 above the $2,000 AGC I usually purchase.

    Do you know if it’s possible to pay a bill from two different sources, say $2k AGC+ another source to hit the $2002 I need in one transaction? In essence, a split tender.

    I had no idea Plastiq allowed AGC. Thanks for that information.

    • Yes, most billers should be able to handle multiple payments without any problem. Keep in mind that you have to account for the 1.99% fee when paying with an Amex gift card. So, pay $1960.98 and the 1.99% fee will make the entire payment come to $2000 even. Pay the rest of the bill ($2002 – $1960.98 = $41.02) separately.

      • So would I be able to purchase a few $2000 AMEX gift cards and use them all in one transaction to pay off the credit card I used to purchase it using Plastiq? Do you know if the WF Propel World card charges a cash advance fee on these AMEX GC purchases?

        • Hi Anthony,

          You would be able to use the gift cards to make a transaction, but not all at once. For example, if you wanted to make a payment of $200 to a merchant and had two gift cards of $100 value each, you would have to make two transactions, and the merchant would receive it as two transactions.

          In regards to cashback, you would have to speak to your issuing bank about the turnaround time.

      • Much appreciated! I didn’t even realize the fee comes out of the amount (duh). I’ll definitely look into this option though w/ an AGC because this is too good to pass up. I’ll be sure to use your link as well.

        One other question I had is in regards to locking in the promo rate. If I use AGC I’ll of course be changing payment methods (different cards). But are you saying that as long as I keep the bill pay – to Wells Fargo – in tact, I’ll get the 1.99% promo rate indefinitely?

        • Yes, my understanding is that if you setup a repeated payment, it will keep the 1.99% rate. I hope it works out that way!
          UPDATE 8/11/2015: It turns out that repeated payments will only keep the 1.99% rate past the promo date if you do NOT change the payment source. You can change the payment amount, but not the credit card being used. So, there’s no way to lock in the rate for Amex gift cards that you’ll be swapping in and out.

        • Quick response. Nice FM. I don’t know why, but I had a hunch anthonyjh21’s mortgage may not be fixed. $2 above the amount he “usually purchases”. Not relevant to the post, though, sorry.

        • It’s a fixed 3.5% rate. What I meant by “usually purchase” was in reference to the AGC denomination of $2k. I haven’t used an AGC to pay my mortgage yet, just Serve billpay 🙂

  3. The only use for this I see is a cheap convenient way to meet the min. spend on a new card for thr signup bonus. Also, amex GCs. Beyond those two options is there any way to profit off using this service with a credit card? Besides Marukai JCB card @ 3%, is there anything else? Im sure im missing something so anyone wanna chime in with their thoughts? Thanks!

    • I spelled out a few good options in today’s blog post:
      * Amex Gift Cards (as you said)
      * Minimum spend requirements (as you said)
      * Big spend bonuses
      * Retention offers (e.g. extra 2X points on all spend for 6 months)
      If Plastiq ever does a similar promo for Discover, then the Discover Miles card will be a big winner. Similarly, with Visa, the BOA Travel Rewards card with Platinum Honors Preferred Rewards (2.63% earnings) will be a winner.

      See today’s blog post here:

      • Greg, you are creative – and thorough. I had not even thought of the Discover It & BOA Travel Rewards w/ Plat Honors Preferred! If Plastiq accepts Discover, even @ 2.5%, that’s 0.5% of INSTANT profit from your home right there! Thanks for the insight!

      • Greg, you are a wealth of awesome information. I signed up through your link just now so I hope you get something from Plastiq. Mostly I’ll be using this to earn statuses by spending increases. Yes, I’ll incur some fees but worth it when you can reach top tier of certain programs! Thanks.

  4. •Plastiq does accept Visa, MasterCard, and Amex gift cards for payment. As with regular credit cards, Visa gift card payments will incur the standard 2.5% fee whereas MasterCard and Amex payments will be charged 1.99%.

  5. Please clarify…can I pay credit card bills using platiq? (ie if I buy $10,000 AGC using my Chase Ink can I then use the AGC thru Platiq to pay my Chase Ink credit card?)

  6. So AMEX (and presumably MC) gift cards can be used… do they have to be the personalized ones, or can regular non-personalized gift cards be used as well?

  7. Also, what’s the practical difference between paying via bank transfer vs check? Does one get to the payee faster? They both are eligible for the 1.99% fee?

  8. To someone’s comment earlier, doesn’t need to be a personalized AMEX GC as long as the billing zip code is correct. My question is it sounds like if I already have an account and using it regularly, I won’t be eligible for the special rate unless a new account is created?

  9. Also, I just qualified for the Chase Sapphire so I’m going to use plastiq to pay off my min spend. It also seems like I could double dip by by buying GC with the Chase card. No?

  10. I set up a recurring payment but I need to change the dates. The website will not let me. I can only change the dates individually. Anyone else have this problem?

  11. So just to clarify, to really maximize this promotion, you need to have bills that are 2k or higher, otherwise you’re hit with the 1.99% fee for each bill? Any ideas on monthly bills that can be combined to reach 2k? E.g. Some cable/telephone companies let you pre-pay your bills, could it be done with a mortgage? I’ve never tried.

    • Shannon, you actually cannot send a payment over $2000. You have to pay a fee no matter how much you send. whether it’s $100 or $1000. The promotion is that the fee is reduced to 1.99% rather than the usual 2.5% for AmEx and MC.. (not visa)

      The trick is that if you can purchase AmEx Gift cards with your points earning Credit Cards and get 2% rebate from rebate websites like TopCashBack then you can use those AmEx gift cards on Plastiq. Now you are paying your bills (earning credit card points) for practically free.

    • Oops.. I didn’t write that correctly. You can pay any amount you want with Plastiq but in the conversations above, the are talking about paying with AmEx Gift Cards. It’s just that when you try to pay with a AmEx gift card of $2000, you have to account for the fee for 1.99% charged. So in the case mentioned above you can’t pay $2000 bill because there will be almost $40 in fee and you’ll need a gift card worth $2040.

    • You can overpay your mortgage, but the bank may apply the overpayment either to your next bill or to the principal. Depending on your situation, one or the other my be preferable. You could ask the bank how they handle overpayments if you need to know ahead of time.
      Also, if you’re a good record-keeper, you could make smaller payments that don’t use up the entire Amex gift card. You would just have to check with each bill that you’re not going over the total remaining.

  12. Is there anyway I can create a referral url too? I didn’t see anything on (I’ve already signed up through FM)

  13. Hi,
    Is the link no longer available? I get a page that says: “Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /content/built/landingpages/promo1 on this server.”

  14. If you send a check for a payment, does Plastiq update the status from Processed? My card was charged 8/23 and there’s been no record of payment yet at the vendor. Or does it just go from Processed to Paid?

  15. I am using Plastiq to pay my mortgage and currently have the 1.99% promotion for paying with MC. The amount of my monthly payment just increased. When I try to change it in Plastiq it tells me the rate will go up to 2.5%. I tried editing just one payment and all future payments. It made no difference. Do I need to make an extra payment every month to compensate or am I doing something wrong?
    Thank you for your help.

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