Discounted Target Gift Cards on eBay – May Stack with Targeted 8% in eBay Bucks & Portal

target gift card discount ebay

GiftCardMall is selling Target physical gift cards at a discount on eBay. They have the following products for sale:

You can also earn up to 2% back through a portal and many eBay members (including myself) have received 4X eBay Bucks offers good through today. Combined with portal cashback, eBay bucks and the discount, you can achieve close to a 17% discount with the $200 card and a 14.5% discount with the $100 cards.

This may also stack well with Gyft’s eBay gift card flash sale, however note that eBay gift cards normally take up to 4 hours to activate, so the Target deal may be sold out before you can use them.

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HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. FM, on my order confirmation page it said that I only earned $3.80 in Ebay Bucks. An earlier page clearly said that I would earn $14.80 for the $200 Target gc. Have you ever seen this happen before? Is Ebay easy to deal with for issues like this?

    • I had this happen too. Check in your “My eBay” account and look on the left. You will see eBay Bucks. Click on that and you should see your transaction and it should show the full amount there.

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