$15 Instant Rebate on $300 in Visa Gift Cards at Officemax

officemax visa deal august 2015

Officemax is offering a $15 instant rebate with the purchase of $300 in Visa gift cards through 8/29/15. There is a limit of 2 per customer, meaning you can purchase $600 in cards in one transaction and receive a $30 instant rebate.

This deal is unpublished and doesn’t show in their ad, however I was able to confirm its existence at my local store. In fact, several local Officemax stores all had a sign advertising the offer when I visited.

Deals like this are popular because it is possible to earn 5% back or 5X points with cards such as the Amex SimplyCash and Chase Ink. Purchasing 3 x $200 cards for example would generate a $9.15 profit plus 2,955 points if you use a Chase Ink card to pay.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax are issued by Metabank. For more info on setting the pin on these cards and liquidating them, see: Beginner’s guide to buying & liquidating Visa & Mastercard gift cards

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  1. they do not work at office depot (the Visa card bank is different from the promo version, and managers cannot override the price point at the register). I went to 5 Office Max/Office Depot stores, and many were sold out of $200 and $100 gift cards, so try calling first. with the $100 cards (x 6), you’ll pay ~$5 in fees in a $600 purchase. the better bet is to get qty. 4 $200 cards (+$5.95 activation fee = for ~$794 with promos).

  2. also, note that the offer rings up automatically, so even if signage isn’t posted at Office Max, they’re offering it.

  3. I can unfortunately confirm that the deal does not work at Office Depot. I had the cashier ring up 3 $200 cards and no rebate. Unless you can get a manager to manually override it, you’re unlikely to find this at OD.

  4. So I ran to the OfficeMax IMMEDIATELY upon seeing this update. In the past I didnt hurry —didn’t need to because I was apparently the only one jumping on these deals at that location. I would go everyday and buy 3,6 or $900 worth and really clean up. However, the last couple of times I’ve gone to grab this deal the Visa cards are SOLD OUT! I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated so I went right away today when I got the notice (20 minutes ago). I figured “I” would be the one cleaning the store out this time. Damn it this is MY territory–MY backyard! Guess what? The $200’s were GONE. Out. Only 10 100’s left. As Im standing there a lady starts hovering near me and then her husband showed up. I made a comment about the $200’s being already gone and stepped away to ask a manager if they had any other 200’s in stock. I came back over and the couple had cleaned OUT the 100’s. A lady had showed up to re-stock from the cabinet and I complained to her about not being able to get ANY of these because they didnt allocate according to the rules. She stepped away, I thought to go look for more inventory for me, but she went over to the checkout and interrupted the couple buying all the 100’s and brought me over 3 100’s. I just KNOW it was my ongoing competitor for grabbing these cards. Part of me feels bad because that would normally be me at the counter cleaning up and cleaning out if the store will let me. I start thinking “GAME ON” to get in front of my MS competitor from now on…. now I’m thinking…maybe I could get to know the store manager, take him or her to lunch to get “forward notice”. LOL Geez, am I ADDICTED to this crazy game we all play or what? I called the Office Maz locations in Kansas City but they are already cleaned out.

  5. Went to local office max on opening only $50 or $25 cards or $200 in $50 x4 so higher fees paid,
    Staff had no idea if register would rebate $30 on purchase but it did
    Local od only vanilla cards and no sign to explain. Looks like om is clearing out old inventory ?

  6. Hi, What brand are the 200 visa gift cards that office max has. They tried to ring them up and the register didn’t recognize them. Thanks

  7. Don’t think that someone cleaned them out today for this deal before you got there this morning. Many stores didn’t have any in stock for this deal because there are so many now just buying these randomly instead of buying them during a sale. Makes very little since to me why some of these people would buy $200’s if they’re not on sale because you don’t come out that ahead even when using an Ink card for 5 x UR points. At the normal price they’re doing just a little better than breaking even, but then have the trouble of liquidating. But, it happens and then they’re sorry the next week after they bought to see a sale. Then, there are more and more OM locations not getting any 200’s in stock. They’ve told me their location stopped receiving the 200’s and some locations even the 100’s last year.

    • I should have read your comment first. I stated below the same issue. I went to 6 OM stores and got nothing. Not that they were sold out, but they didn’t have any at all.
      Such b@llsh*t. I’m not paying $5.95 for $100. Even with a deal..that’s only $300 as apposed to $600..not worth my time to liquidate 🙁

  8. Got the $30 rebate today on 3x $200 VGCs. There was only one left on the rack when I got there, so I asked the cashier if they had any others in the back, and rather than going into the back, she opened up the gift card rack and alas, inside the rack there was an unopened pack of about 10 additional $200 VGCs! I tried paying with a personalized Amex GC since I have a balance on one that I still need to drain, but they wouldn’t allow payment with a gift card even though my name was on it, so I ended up putting all $590 on Ink.

    • They are not cash only as a corporate policy. Some stores have their own policies, which you may be running into. My guess is they wouldn’t have nearly as many sitting around if they weren’t cash only!

  9. I managed to get a Manual Override @ an OD but they would only do it one time for me since I shop there so much.

    • The manager specifically said he didn’t have the power to override ‘these things’
      You got lucky. OD was the only store I could find that sold $200

  10. These promotions from Office Depot are a complete CON JOB………you show up on the day of the sale and no cards are available………..will NEVER do business with them……..EVER!

  11. Office Max is lame…..8:30 am first day of sale, started going to 4 different stores….3 $200 cards, 4 100 cards all locations combined. Not sold out…..Out to lunch.

  12. Almost missed this deal, as I was busy finalizing car purchace end of last week and begining of this.

    Got 3x$200 cards tonight at my local OD. They agree to hold last 3 $200 cards for my to buy tomorrow.

  13. My Office Max has been out of $200s and $100s since Sunday afternoon, maybe sooner. I’ve checked every day. I’ve always been able to take advantage of these deals in the past. I think they dropped the ball this time on supply.

  14. Can someone Please take a photo of the gift card that is the $200 value and post if?
    What do they look like? Thanks so much!

  15. Last day of the offer… Still alive at one of my local OM.

    $200 cards gone, but they have plenty of $100 cards inside stand that nobody even thinking of taking out. I just get them out 6 at the time 2 times a day (morning and evening).

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