[Targeted] Amex Offer – $30 Credit with a $150 or More Purchase at Lowe’s

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It really seems like the Amex Offers program is beginning to pickup steam again. Last week we saw a highly targeted Amex Offer emerge for Home Depot and now we have a targeted Lowe’s offer as well.

This new Amex Offer gives a $30 credit with a $150 or more purchase at Lowe’s by 10/26/15. Unfortunately the offer appears to only be available via the American Express website and cannot be loaded via Twitter or other methods.

Lowe’s sells a variety of gift cards in addition to their normal merchandise. You can find a sample selection of some of the cards they carry here.

Key Terms

  • Valid in-store and online
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases.
  • Excludes corporate gift card purchases.
  • Excludes Orchard Supply Hardware and ATG stores.
  • Excludes GM Business Choice, Lowe’s Zone, and Installation Services.
  • Excludes “design your own” gift cards on lowes.com. International locations excluded.


For more information see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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9 Comments on "[Targeted] Amex Offer – $30 Credit with a $150 or More Purchase at Lowe’s"

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This and the HD offer must be highly targeted. I didn’t get either one on any of my five cards.

Mark R.

A rock for me on all my cards!

Will S

“Unfortunately,” Shawn, I see you’re in high pump mode for AMEX again. Yes, yet another 0 for 5 on what would have been a much appreciated offer. Instead of “picking up steam,” it would have be more accurate to write, frustrated amex card holders are getting STEAMED.” Yes, I HATE this, and no amount of “unfortunately” sugar-coating is gonna help. How ’bout telling your AMEX handlers of the building frustration, instead of claiming there’s building momentum. I also vented in the direction of AMEX too. I am sick of getting scores of promos for specialty, high end boutique store CRAP… (which I’ve never given the slightest indication on any of my cards that I EVER shop at)


Does anyone know if Lowes sell apple store (not itune) gift cards? I am in market for an iPhone 6.


None for me on any of my 10 cards for either deal. 🙁

Maybe Amex thinks they’ve paid me too much already this year. 😉 It IS boatload of moolah.

Frankly, I don’t see myself as entitled to any of these offers. If I get them, I’m all over it and very, very happy. If I don’t, then I figure… maybe I’ll get the next one.

I did get a Rocketmiles offer on a bunch of cards. Spend $200, get $50 back. Stack that with a Southwest promo for an extra 5000 miles. Woop. Woop.

Kent C

Also Amex offers via Twitter = dead for awhile now.

Kent C

Also, no go for me on Lowe’s – 0/20


[…] [Targeted] Amex Offer – $30 Credit with a $150 or More Purchase at Lowe’s […]


[…] [Targeted] Amex Offer – $30 Credit with a $150 or More Purchase at Lowe’s […]