Double Shop Your Way points for partner purchases [UPDATE: Only first purchase gets double rewards]

UPDATE: Please note the terms say “Limit one offer per member“. I’ve confirmed with a SYW phone representative (and her supervisor) that this means that only your first purchase in October is eligible for double rewards, even if your purchases are with different partners.

Sears/Kmart offers a rewards program called Shop Your Way Rewards (SYW Rewards).  With this program, points can be earned not just for purchases made at their own stores, but with SYW partners as well.  Points, then, can be used to buy things from Sears, Kmart, and Lands End.  Personally, I’ve saved tons of money by using points to purchase contact lenses at Sears Optical, clothes at Lands End, car services at Sears, etc.

Throughout this month, SYW is offering double points for purchases of $10 or more with their partners:


Offer valid 10/01/2015 – 10/31/2015. Limit one offer per member. Purchase requirement before taxes and after other discounts. Offer not valid at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End and Sears Marketplace. Points may take up to 40 days to be awarded to member account. Offer valid for original recipient only. We reserve the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time in the event fraud, abuse, unintended virality or if technical or other issues arise. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at

Note that there are two ways to earn SYW points with partners.  One is by clicking through the SYW portal and the other is by linking your Visa or MasterCard credit card to SYW and then paying for stuff with that credit card.  When viewing the partner page, you can scroll down to find “DEAL TYPE” and select “Online Partners” for the portal, or “Credit & Debit Card” for automatic rewards.


I far prefer linking a credit card since it makes it possible in some cases to “double dip”.  Go through a different portal to earn rewards and then pay with your linked credit card.  For example, SYW is currently offering 40% back in points at a few online merchants including 1800Flowers and 1800Baskets.  Here are the details shown for 1800Flowers:



For October only, earn $10 back in points (10,000 points) when you spend more than $10 on rewards brands. Valid until 10/31/15. See details for exclusions.

How It Works:

Enroll your Visa or MasterCard with Shop Your Way Rewards.
Use your enrolled card at rewards partners.
Rack up your points and redeem for great savings on top products!
Flowers & Gifts • Online Only

Notice that there is no requirement to click through from SYW?  So, instead, find a portal offering good rewards.  I like to use CashBackMonitor to find the best portals.  Note that since 1800Flowers and 1800Baskets are really the same company, you can find the best portal offer for either one:





There are amazingly good deals to be had here.  I won’t spell it all out here, but if you search this blog for other posts about 1800Flowers, you may find inspiration…

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    • That’s always a good one, especially if you use a business Amex since it will get another 5% back from OPEN Savings. Unfortunately, you can’t stack this with the SYW deal since the SYW deal is limited to MC and Visa

  1. “Limit one offer per member.” so you can only get the $10 credit once and that’s it? Where is the bonanza here? 🙁

    Dave if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts I’d really appreciate it as I don’t currently utilize SYW.

    hkbushido at yahoo dot com

  2. I’ve confirmed with a telephone rep that only your first purchase in October counts towards double rewards. One way to make that go really far is to make a single large gift card order. Of course, go through a good portal first!

  3. Here’s my plan:

    * Linked my cards to ShopYourWay Rewards (for 40% back) – BarclayCard Arrival+ will be my card of choice to use for the initial transaction (note the $10 bonus when spending $10 is one time per customer, but 40% is good thru the end of Oct)
    ——- QUESTION: Is this the best card to use?

    * Use BarclayCard RewardsBoost Portal for 10 miles/$1 (+5% when redeeming for travel) OR Discover Deals 1800baskets for 20% x 2 (promo they are running) for 40%…. Tho I worry they will flag me!

    * Purchase gift cards @ 1800baskets using card of choice (Barclay Arrival+)

    NOTE: You have to be a Passport member to get FREE SHIPPING on flowers

    * Go back through portal again (BarclayCard RewardsBoost) and earn another 10 miles/$1 + Use code RR22 to earn 1,000 SW points on a $30 order (33 miles/$ on $30 order) and schedule them for delivery after Jan 1.***

    *** —– QUESTION: Will scheduling them after Jan 1 void the 40% Sears because the charge hits after Jan 1?

    * Bonus: get FreshRewards SavingsPass (for every $200) = 200 pts = $20 after the orders are placed.

    Am I missing anything? Does anyone know the answer to my questions before I start?

  4. Update: I just purchased $1900 in gift cards ($2k is the max, but wanted to keep it modestly under the radar) Here is my math:

    * 40% bonus ShopYourWay Rewards points ($760.00 in ShopYourWay Rewards)
    * 20% cashback Discover ($380.00 Discover Cashback)
    * x2 Discover Cashback at end of year ($380.00 Discover Cashback)
    * FreshRewards 200 pts = $20 (9x $20 rewards certs = $180.00)
    * Chase Sapphire Points = 1,900 (1.25 cents/pt = $23.75)
    + a lot of flowers, apples, baskets and shit

    TOTAL: $1,723.75

    RESELL: Sell on eBay for 71% ($1,349) or Raise @ 63% ($1,197)

    One HUGE concern – I just received 19 confirmation emails for $100 purchases from them. So I wonder if it is going to do $100 per transaction on the cc and 1800 is not valid for the Sears 40% bonus?

      • I forgot to mention, when I placed the order they called to verify the charge of $1,900 was not fraudulent. So my mind is at ease, it will be one single $1,900 charge rather than 19x $100 charges.

        1800flowers has always been a little unorthodox. But that’s why we love ’em. I once sent 15 dozen roses to my wife and paid like $13 total. LOL @ suckers who pay full price.

        • Most likely sell them. I’m sure I will have a new challenge when they see how much I want to sell. I already have a bunch of gift cards already from the last time something like this happened.

          They did call to verify the purchase of $1,900 just now and were friendly.

    • Help me understand (still in the learning stages). I follow that you are linking a VISA to SYW, then going through Discover Deals to use that VISA and purchase $1900 in GC from 1800Flowers – but I thought you had to actually use a Discover Card to earn rewards through Discover Deals. Am I incorrect?

    • Where did the initial 20% cash back from Discover come from (that is supposed to be doubled)? They are showing only 10% through DD ATM. What am I missing?

      • Hi Rob – The Discover cashback is 10% but if you have a Discover IT card, your cashback doubles at the end of the year for all of your first years purchases.

        Here is an update on my data points:

        * 40% bonus ShopYourWay Rewards points ($760.00 in ShopYourWay Rewards)
        UPDATE: 20% received as of Oct. 14

        * 20% cashback Discover ($380.00 Discover Cashback)
        UPDATE: Received 10% confirmation email.

        * x2 Discover Cashback at end of year ($380.00 Discover Cashback)
        UPDATE: This should be reflected at the end of the year.

        * FreshRewards 200 pts = $20 (9x $20 rewards certs = $180.00)
        UPDATE: Reflected in my account as “issued” but not received yet.

        * Chase Sapphire Points = 1,900 (1.25 cents/pt = $23.75)
        UPDATE: haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure it’s there.

        + a lot of flowers, apples, baskets and shit
        UPDATE: Instead of this I am selling on Raise and earning $66.50 per card.

        • Hi Dave,

          Thanks for the response. I have the ITcard but I see you are posting $380 twice and calling it 10% each time. Isn’t it $190 now on your $1900 spend and another $190 later 10% each time for 20% total and not 20% twice?

        • I finally have it now! I was seeing only 10% for 800 flowers not the 20% offered through DD for 800 baskets. My mistake. Thank you

  5. Dave or anyone else. Does anyone have experience ordering multiple gift cards at a time and how it gets charged. This deal is huge if the 19 seperate cards get labeled as 1 charge, but not soo much if you just get the deal on the 1st $100 card

    • Here are my data points below – I believe it is one charge in the amount of $1,900.00.

      * First attempt to check out with 19 $100 cards in the cart was rejected because card thought it was fraud and they called to validate a $1,900 charge.

      * Second attempt after verifying went through.

      * Received 19 different email confirmations for $100 gift card. This got me worried.

      * 1800Flowers called me to verify a charge in the amount of $1,900.

      Based on that, I am fairly certain it is one $1,900 charge for 19 gift cards. To make it even more interesting, you can only add 10 of an item to the cart at a time so I had to add 10, then add 9 as a “second item.”

      Why is everything @ 1800flowers so messed up? I’m not complaining, just stating how awkward everything is. Works to our advantage.

  6. Purchased $1900 in gift cards. SYWR points posted but only posted 20% instead of 40%. Do the “double” points post separately on your SWYR account?

      • Does your SWYR account show one entry for $665 or 2 separate entries of points? Wondering if my other 20% will post separately. Havnen’t done a SYWR deal with a linked card before.

        • What is the URL to see your point breakdown/balance? I can see the total but only my purchases, not broken down.

        • If you login at and click on your name in the upper right hand corner it will give you a list of options. Click on “My Points” it will load all your purchases first and if you keep scrolling down you will find all your point history on the same screen after your purchases. Mine shows:


          Quantity: 1
          Earned points: 380000
          Full points details

        • Thanks – Got it. I missed it on that page. Looks like they only awarded 20%. They have a “retrieve missing points” link but you need a “return code” which isn’t on the summary so I can’t submit it. Any clues how we can get the missing 20%?

          Purchase summary Items: 1 Amount: $1900 Points earned: 380,000 Points redeemed: 0 Transaction ID: 74F53048AF73FE6F11E56ABEB14B22E8 Salescheck: 000011003652


          Quantity: 1
          Earned points: 380000
          Full points details

        • Not sure. The terms at the bottom of the page on the “double points” promo do show within 40 days. However I haven’t done one of these double promos with SYWR before. Maybe someone who has can chime in and let us know if the “doubled” rewards post separately or should have posted along with the regular 20%.

        • I also am only showing 20% in my SYWR account at the moment – though I have one charge for the full amount showing in my transaction activity.

          Any news here? I will call them and report back if I have anything to share.

          Also – I went through Discover’s portal using a Visa, so hopefully those will post, though they have not yet…(I only bought yesterday)

        • Just talked to Sears rep – said it was “obviously” a qualifying purchase but that typically the bonus points come at the end of the bonus period. He did not know specifics for this particular bonus

  7. Max,

    I made my purchase Friday through discover deals as well and the purchase has not tracked yet. Some merchants with discover take longer than others to send an email usually all within a week though. Will be watching closely these next few evenings. Thanks for the update regarding your SWYR rep experience/answer.

      • Same here. $385 from Discover, So far only 20% from Sears – but I guess all we can do is wait. I filled out a form for support, and got the dreaded, “We’ll forward this to the appropriate department.” DUN DUN DUN DUN

        • Still only 20% in SWYR so far. Also I picked the most recent date possible for the 1800 gift card delivery which was today 10-12 back when I ordered. The order shows that they are still pending delivery confirmation and the UPS tracking numbers are invalid and not showing any tracking history. Have y’all received your gift cards yet? Also my $180 celebration rewards were issued on 10/7 but not seeing it in my email(checked spam) or my 1800 flowers account. Any thoughts?

        • Same here – 20% from Sears and no FreshRewards Bucks though it shows up as “issued” – I emailed support in both cases (Sears ShopYourWay – they told me they would forward it to the right department..) and ProFlowers, they told me it was coming and to be patient.

          Not what I wanted to hear. Might have to turn up the heat a notch.

    • Yes, I got them all. I am selling them on Raise now and getting 67% of the value. Selling pretty quickly, I’ve got half of them gone. I just worry how many they will let me sell before they make me complete a bulk gc seller form.

  8. I haven’t received my gift cards yet and ordered back on October 2nd. I never got a call from customer service or anything and the UPS tracking numbers are invalid. Guess I have to reach out to them now…

  9. i received the discover cash back from my order on October 5th, but haven’t received any SYW points yet. I did the method everyone did with linking the cc. I contacted Sears and they said the merchant has 30-45 days to give credit, i just thought it was weird others had theirs show up very quickly.

      • My DD cash back posted on my statement closing today in the full 20%. My SYWR is still only at 20%. Received my gift cards in the mail last night – was able to sell them without collapsing the resale market.

        Hope all are well, please let me know if/when you manage to double your SYWR.


  10. Minor Update / Data Point:

    Today I received $20.00 from 1800flowers for FreshRewardsPass activity dated Sept. 16.

    This means we should receive our FreshRewardsPass bucks one month from now. My FreshRewards status shows:

    Oct 07, 2015
    1800 Points converted to $180.00 Fresh Rewards Pass Approved -1,800

    Sep 16, 2015
    200 Points converted to $20.00 Fresh Rewards Pass Approved -200

    Good luck to all. Of course this is nothing compared to the remaining 20% from Sears we are all waiting on. ARGH.

    • Dave, thanks to you (and others) for posting your plans & experiences thus far. No doubt many are “watching” and learning. (as we did too from Greg’s earlier efforts) Have two accounts I’m at last ready to try (different family members), and as we were following similar path to you Dave, came upon the nasty shipping charges even just for the 800Flowers gift cards. (between $30 and $45).

      I’m presuming everyone here already understands you are best first having the celebration/free shipping deal with 800Flowers/Baskets & such. (a tad irritating at first, as I already get free shipping for 800 Fl/Baskets via the Amex “shoprunner” promotion — but that doesn’t apply here, apparently, as I wouldn’t be paying for the cards with the AMEX…. ok, easy mistake #1 avoided, — bit headache only just beginning.)

      Ok, I then looked at Greg’s post from earlier this year on ways to get the free shipping pass, but that’s a tad more complicated now…. (seems best discount I can get now is the 20%x2 discount via the DD portal — and that’s IF/AFTER I do not use my SYWR/800FlwrBaskets linked card first — as the current promo there is for a one time double. #2 near mistake.)

      Bottom Line: I gather then if I want to avoid the heavy shipping charge on just the gift cards, I must get the celebration pass first. (and not w/ any card “linked” to a SYWR account) Or am I missing something? Any tips/corrections out there?

      • Astonished to figure out (belatedly) that I could include the shipping promotion on my first test 800FL gc order (of $229). Encouraged to get a DD “bonus” confirmation even before I got the SYWR email order confirmation. SYWR first 20% of points posted less than 12 hours later. Cool.

  11. Same question as Tim. I too did a modest test 800 Flowers purchase a week ago via the dd portal, using the sywr linked visa card. Pleased that the gift cards have already arrived (early), that the SYWR 40% promptly posted (within 48 hours for both).

    But I haven’t as yet received or seen any indications that the DD part of the deal has tracked. (and I understand it to be 20% up front, then doubled at end of my first year)

    Dave & others above seemed to indicate they received an email confirmation from DD. (that’s separate from a statement) Can anybody verify that’s been their experience?

    I’ve had my discover IT card now just over 2 months…. and to be candid, as much as Greg and others keep alerting us to the great potential, I’m dismayed by how poorly and slow the DD tracking & reporting process seems to be. (contrast that with Chase credit card and UR shopping, where you see precise tracking confirmations within days) On my first Discover IT statement, yes, some (but not all) of the discover deals transactions I made did record — but thus far, only the ones where I actually used the discover card.

    Yes, Dave and others alert/remind us that it apparently also works when you use other cc’s…. I just haven’t seen it. (and I’m not one ordinarily to make purchases “on faith”)

    I’m tempted to help a relative make a new 800F/B GC purchase here by end of this month….. (b4 promo expires) and I’d be grateful for any further insight/experience from those who can attest to the DD side of “the deal” ….

  12. Scott, could you please confirm if you received 40% SYWR points? I got only 20%…also, did you click through Discover 1800Flowers 20% off or 1800Basket 20% off?

    • Hi Tim. To your second question first, I recall that earlier in October, there was a discrepancy between the DD promos offered for 800 flowers & baskets (even as they’re the same company). Yet when I went to place my order, the 800flowers promo was up to 20% as well, and so I went with that.

      I just double checked my SYWR account, and I have two 20% credits posted, one within 24 hours of the purchase, the second, within 48 hours. (or about $80 worth on a 200 purchase) Have no idea why it processed to quickly.

      by contrast, I remain entirely in the dark about the DD side, if I will get an email (seems unlikely now), or if it will show up on the first statement, or the second…. Lord only knows.

      Curious as to how others above found out…. if they really did.

      • I also placed order on 1800Flowers after CB was up from 10% to 20%. I wonder if GC purchase from DD portal on 1800FL will NOT earn CB anymore. Looks like 1800Baskets was still working as expected…

  13. Need some help from you guys. I purchased $1500 in GC thru 1800 baskets via Disc Deals. I got an email promptly showing the $300 in Cash Back (which is rare from Discover for me at least)

    Then I checked SYWR, the sale posted but no SYWR points, called after a week they said give it up to 45 days. I was out of town for a few days, 1800Flowers had tried to call to verify my order. I called them and they had started to cancel it, but then explained they “really never cancel anything”. My Celebration points posted next day, a few days later I received 15 $100 cards.

    Then, something strange happened. I noticed a huge negative balance in my Celebration Rewards account.

    Then I went and checked my credit card balance. The $1500 had posted BACK to my chase, they had cancelled it after all and refunded me. BUT, when I checked the gift cards all 15 still show a $100 balance.

    So what should I do? I have not been charged, but I have the cards…. Suggestions welcome.

  14. I have been looking over this multiple times and have a couple of questions as I debate whether to go in on this or not. My first question is what to do with all the SYWP points that will be earned if they can’t be used on gift cards and I have nothing I can think of that needs to be purchased. My second question is if I do take part is following the steps in the older post about the free shipping post what I need to do first (although with a different card that I would need to use for this?)

  15. UPDATE: I contacted Sears via email once again inquiring about my additional 20% ShopYourWay points that had not posted and received a call back from a ShopYourWay Manager, Laurie.

    She said, “I’m not sure why they didn’t explain this to you when they emailed you but points can take up to 40 days to post. Your order was placed on Oct. 2 and you received 20% when placing the order. The other 20% should post within 40 days from that. The first couple of weeks in November.” She said she would keep an eye on it and make sure they post around that period.

    So it’s looking good. Has anyone received their 40% yet? Please post here when you do and I will do the same. Until then, I would suggest contacting customer service via email and if it is a large amount of $ ask that a manager contact you regarding the missing points.

    • Well goodie for you Dave….. Obviously, your posts were all about you — and you didn’t read anything in betweeen. (Yes, some of us got the 40% SYWR quickly) Congrats if your whole plan worked out for you. But to be candid, you (et. al.) may have been a pied piper who led many of us off a cliff.

      Once again, the discover side of your (and GReg’s) strategy (another 40%) didn’t work for me yet….. (no email, not on first statement after transaction) and we have no recourse if it doesn’t. (You can’t call up Discover to ask why they didn’t give the cash back on a transaction made via their portal w/o the Discover card)

      So yes, go boast all ya want… be the narc.

  16. I did this twice, once with my account, and once with my husband’s account. I placed an order for $1800 through 1800baskets on 10/2 and got the same results as everyone else, 20% CB through DD posted on 10/7, and 360k SYW points posted within a few days. My second order was on 10/22 but this time through 1800flowers. I got the 360k points to his SYW account, but no email for DD cashback yet. Anyone had any CB post using 1800flowers yet? Fortunately I did screenshot everything, but I don’t particularly want to have to fight for this, hoping it posts…

    • Discover has been reviewing all DD orders placed since 10/10. It is highly likely DD will enforce the rule for Discover Card requirement. And people are reporting CB clawing back for recently orders placed other than Discover CC. No fight needed and screenshot in this case would invite more scrutiny.

      • So has anyone gotten the cashback issued from Discover who placed an order with a Visa or Mastercard through Discover Deals? Just got my Discover card with the double cash back on it today and trying to decide whether to place an order.

    • Turns out this is a deal I wish I would’ve sat out. Sounded too good to be true, and turns out it was. I did not receive my extra 20% back in points, so I reached out to SYW. After 20 minutes on the phone, they asked me to send in my email confirmation, and I got back the following email.

      “Thank you for contacting Shop Your Way regarding your 1-800flowers purchase.

      We sincerely apologize for the confusion with your points. Gift card purchases do not qualify to earn points. The terms and conditions of the offer state “Items eligible for points offers may vary and are subject to availability, delivery rules and times.” and “By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at”

      The Shop Your Way terms and conditions state “The following are excluded from Qualifying Purchases (collectively ” Non-Qualifying Purchases”): (i) sales and use taxes; (ii) service fees; (iii) donations to charitable organizations; (iv) commercial account purchases, including, without limitation, any purchase made with a corporate credit card, unless specifically approved in writing by Company; (v) purchases of lottery tickets, licenses, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, gift cards, etc.” To view the full terms and conditions, please visit

      We are unable to award points for your 1-800flowers purchase. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

      Once again, thank you for contacting us and being a Shop Your Way member. We value your business and look forward to serving you in the future.”

      Also, the celebration points I got have been clawed back. i haven’t heard back from 1800 flowers, but I assume that gift card purchases don’t qualify for that either.

      Can’t win them all, lessons learned I guess. I’m a few hundred dollars in the hole on this deal unfortunately, but it just goes to show you shouldn’t risk anything that you can’t afford to lose.

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