Earn 10K Ultimate Rewards for Referring Friends to Chase Ink 60K Offer

chase ink plus referral

Chase is currently offering a 60K bonus on their Ink Plus business card after $5K in spend during the first 3 months. Up until now the personal referral links haven’t reflected the 60K offer, however that has now changed.

Chase Ink Plus cardholders can now refer friends to the 60K Chase Ink Plus offer and receive 10K points per referral with a maximum of 50K points or 5 referrals. Previous promotions allowed 10 referrals at 5,000 points, so the maximum points earned is the same, but it takes half of the referrals.

To refer your friends:

  • Go to ChaseReferAFriend.com
  • Login with your last name, zip code and last four digits of your card number
  • Enter your friend’s email address or get a direct link by clicking to share on Twitter and copying it from there.

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  1. Have you seen any reports of people who currently have the old Ink Bold cards getting the new Ink Plus cards now that the IB cards are now revolving cards just like the IP cards?

  2. And be sure to warn your friends not to bother applying if they have applied for more than 5 other credit cards from any issuer in the last 24 months. Ridiculous Chase rule.

  3. “…if they have applied for more than 5 other credit cards from any issuer in the last 24 months.” -Mike

    Not true. There have been people who had more than five and were approved for Ink cards.

    • I realize there have been a few reported exceptions, but they are few. Chase has been holding very consistently to this rule since May. And I speak from personal experience, having been caught by it on a Sapphire card application in late May. Chase has applied the rule so consistently, it has essentially become an undisclosed term & condition for all of their UR cards.

    • They have also been more strict in some cases. My wife, who has opened two cards over the lats two years (she is an authorized user on several cards opened in my name), was rejected for “too many credit applications in the last two years.”

  4. Mostly only new readers of sites like these can even get Chase cards like that anymore, or even know anybody who could, never mind would. All the rest of us can really do is light candles at South American cathedrals we’ve arrived at with miles, and pray Chase loses money until it changes its mind. Every little bit helps, including burning incense to Buddha in Bangkok if that’s how you roll.

  5. I find it interesting that Chase doesn’t mention that Ink Plus card holders can do travel partner transfer on the website. Is that always the case?

  6. BTW, not all cardholders can refer and get points. I tried the refer-a-friend site 5 or 6 times and was told I had no cards which qualified (I have both ink cards and have for years, I also bank with chase). I sent them a message about it and was told that only some cardholders qualified. How bizarre –you would think they would want as many referrals as possible. I’m not referring my friends until I get a bonus for doing so.

  7. Anyone out there looking for the ink business 60k sign up bonus? I got referrals I can give out for this deal, email me at keithnjohnston at netscape.net

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