Plastiq debit card payments now fee free

UPDATE: The no fee option no longer applies to gift cards or other prepaid cards


The Plastiq bill payment service normally charges a 2.5% fee, but they have recently announced that there is now no fee for US debit card payments.

For more details about Plastiq, including the types of bills that can be paid, warnings about potential problems, and more, please see: The complete guide to Plastiq credit card payments.  If you’re new to Plastiq I highly recommend reading the guide before making payments.


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  1. I’ve use Plastiq sparingly, primarily as a quick/lazy way to do a car payment. However, I just noticed that the MC/VISA/AMEX gift cards can be used (yeah, I’m an obliviot sometimes). I read the linked guide and I still have one question. While it seems to be implied, neither article states explicitly that the GCs can be used as DEBIT to avoid the 2.5% fee. Is that so, and is there anything special that needs to be done when setting up new card? (Or is it just so painfully obvious I’m going to look stupid for asking?) (OK, 3 questions.)


    • I am wondering the same thing. This is how Evolve used to be before they added a fee. It’s surprising that Plastiq would go from a fee to no fee. How will they survive?

    • Just add any card as a new payment card. Then when you select that card when paying a bill it will show you the fee. As long as it sees the card as a debit card, it should show the 0% fee. I’d recommend experimenting with your gift cards to see what happens.

  2. Let’s say I have a $1000 property tax bill, can I pay it by two $500 vgc in one payment? Does vgc payment count as debit card to get 0 fees?

  3. I just went round and round with them over them using the wrong card. They kept insisting they didn’t, even though I have proof from a card statement. Then they told me there was no way I could have deleted a previous card from their system, as only the administrator has authority to do that. WTF! Really, I guess that button that says delete in your card profile means nothing or doesn’t work. As others have said, use at your own risk, these folks have issues. Too bad.

  4. I check that credit card bills cannot be paid using Plastiq, however, what about the store credit cards (like Target, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret or so)? Did anyone try that with positive results? Thanks.

  5. Ok, so this could be very groovy, but what do those of us who do NOT have a mortgage bill we can pay? (Comes direct from Bank account, part of the low interest deal, cannot be changed.)

    Or, the car is paid off. Or, we live alone and do not run up very high utility bills? (All of the above)

    I could not think of a way to put more than maybe 150 bones a month through here, BUT….

    Is there a way to run money THROUGH this system that I am not seeing here? Can anyone tip me off?

  6. Is it possible to split tinder on different GCs in one Plastiq payment? For example, if my rent is $1500 a month and I wanted to drain $500 OV VGCs through Plastiq fee-free, would i have to have them send three separate $500 checks to my landlord? Or can they be combined into one check?

  7. I know Visa GC’s have no fee (yay!), and I assume I already know the answer to my question: Are Amex GC’s free too? Or are they run as credit cards since they don’t have PINs? It’d be great to use a $2k card toward my mortgage every month…

  8. Hi Guys,

    My girlfriend and I are new to the MS techniques and want to get started on all of this ASAP. She just signed up for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card and I’m looking to sign up for a big bonus card and proceed from there. Can anybody help with suggestions on where to start with all of this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. This was a great tip – worked twice over the weekend to make a couple Mortgage Payments with no Fee. UPDATE: I tried to make one more payment this morning (Monday morning) and it is now adding a 2.5% fee for a VISA Debit GC (Metabank). Wonder if they have changed the rules (I made a total of $1000 in payments previously).

    • I guess that’s what I get for procrastinating. I knew they couldn’t keep offering 0% as that’s a loss. Is the charge for MC gc too?

    • They added a new promotion (1.5% for MasterCard credit cards through the end of the month), but took away the ability to get fee free debit payments with prepaid cards. Regular debit cards should still offer 0% (for whatever that’s worth)

  10. Can i pay estimated taxes from the site? If so how do i go about doing that? Didnt see anything that had to do with taxes when trying to add a payee?

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