Low fee $500 Visa gift cards online after rebate (now 1.6% back)

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UPDATE 2: A new portal named iConsumer is currently offering 1.6% cash back at GiftCards.com. I tested and received email confirmation the next day.

UPDATE: The cash back rate for GiftCards.com at Simply Best Coupons has dropped to 1% regardless of whether you go through the “Visa Gift Cards” or “GiftCards.com” links.

I stumbled across something interesting the other day.  GiftCards.com (which sells $500 Visa gift cards online) is available through Simply Best Coupons portal.  If you search the portal for GiftCards.com, you’ll find a 1% cash back rate.  That’s not bad.  However, if you search for Visa Gift Cards, you’ll find a 1.5% cash back rate even though this link also goes to GiftCards.com!

Direct Link: Visa Gift Cards at Simply Best Coupons

Link to iConsumer (1.6% cash back): iConsumer

Disclosure: I will earn a referral bonus if you use the links above

$500 Visa gift cards online via Simply Best Coupons

Each $500 Visa gift card includes a $6.95 card fee, plus shipping charges.  Visa gift cards from GiftCards.com do have PINs and each can be personalized with your name on them (that can be useful at some stores that insist you use a debit card with your name on it).

I tested two separate $500 Visa gift cards online purchases (at 1.5%):

First, I bought a single $500 Visa gift card and paid $1.99 for shipping & handling.  The total came to $508.94.  Within a few hours, Simply Best Coupons emailed my pending cash back information.  Order amount: $506.95.  Pending cash back: $7.60.  So, my net total cost for this $500 gift card will be $508.94 – $7.60 =  $501.34.  That’s an excellent price for a $500 gift card!

Next, I bought four $500 Visa gift cards and paid a fixed $7.45 shipping fee for all four.  The total came to $2035.25.  Again, within a few hours, Simply Best Coupons emailed my pending cash back information.  Order amount: $2,027.80.  Pending cash back: $30.42.  My net cost for four $500 give cards will be $2035.25 – $30.42 = $2004.83.  The average cost per card will be: $501.21.

UPDATED rates at 1% cash back

With Simply Best Coupons now at 1% cash back, the price after rebate should be as follows:

One $500 Visa with $1.99 shipping: $508.94.  Expected rebate: $5.07.  Final price after rebate: $503.87.

Four $500 Visa cards with fixed $7.45 shipping: $2035.25.  Expected rebate: $20.28.  Final price after rebate: $2014.97.  Final price per card after rebate: $503.74.

UPDATED rates at 1.6% cash back (via iConsumer)

I bought a single $500 Visa gift card and paid $1.99 for shipping & handling.  The total came to $508.94.  One day later, iConsumer emailed my pending cash back information.  Order amount: $506.95.  Pending cash back: $8.11.  So, my net total cost for this $500 gift card will be $508.94 – $8.11 =  $500.83.  That’s an amazing price for a $500 Visa gift card!

Keep in mind that portal cash back can take months to go from pending to payable.  Also, iConsumer requires earning $25 or more before they’ll send a check.

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Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
iConsumerWe'll each earn 100 shares of iConsumer stock if you use this link to sign up.In my experience, this has proven to be a reliable portal. With this portal you earn both cash back and shares in the iConsumer business. Requires $25 payable before they'll pay out.
Simply Best CouponsYou will earn a $5 bonus after you register, and I’ll earn 5% of any cash back you earn, up to a maximum of $50.I've had very good luck with this portal.

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  1. if they don’t have a pin, how can I use them to buy money orders? isn’t it like the staples gift cards where the last 4 digits of the card is the pin# and it functions as a debit card?

      • oh, sorry. I misread that. I never ordered from this site. Do they have a history of cancelling orders frequently? Also, whats the limit per customer or per order? What should I do if I want to order like 100 of these cards?

        • I haven’t heard of GiftCards.com cancelling orders (unlike GiftCardMall which does so frequently).

          Limit: $2500 per order (inclusive of card fees)

          If you want 100 of them, I’d suggest ramping up slowly. Order 4, wait for them to arrive. Order 4 then maybe 4 again a few days later, but before delivery of the previous 4. etc.

    • I accidentally ordered 5 $500 gift cards from Gift Card Mall..These do not have pins correct?

      If so how can one cancel their order?

      • The $500 variety often does have a PIN. There are different banks depending on which one of the companies services the transaction. The “Sunrise Bank” Visas are the ones that were not coming through with PINs and GCM refused to add provide them.

        The Metabank cards do provide the PIN.

        • Anyway of knowing or making sure you get MetaBank ones? Or is it just a spin of the wheel?
          And this is Gift Card Mall not Giftcards.com, correct? I just used giftcards.com to order 1x$500 yesterday to test the waters. Going to use it to WM BP or MO. Hope it will work.

      • When ordering from GiftCardMall: If you get an email confirmation of your order and it says anything about Incentive Card Labs, then cancel the order — the card won’t have a PIN

        • How easy is it to cancel orders at GiftCardMall? And in the case where you do have to cancel an order, is it ok to go right back and place another order until you get the right confirmation email?

  2. Couple of questions…

    Do you know what bank issues these cards?

    How long did it take from the date you ordered them until you received the cards?

    Thanks for the info!

      • They come priority mail, if you selected that shipping. It’s usually 3-4 days for processing and delivery, including saturdays. If you select first class, each card is mailed and it’s taken more than 7 days to receive

        • The only $1.99 option is USPS First Class mail. Then there is USPS delivery confirmation for $7.94 and then FedEx express for $19. Where is the Priority Mail option?

        • Sorry..7.45 delivery confirmation, I believe it comes priority mail.. It’s cheaper than $1.99 each card when buying 4 or more, and comes quicker in a single envelope, instead of separate envelopes for each card.

  3. I see this under ‘related coupons’ when searching for Visa Gift Cards. I don’t see any terms on the offer but it says 2% back on giftcardmall orders. Maybe these are the types of orders that get cancelled frequently?

    GiftCardMall.com Coupons + 2% cashback
    See all GiftCardMall.com Coupons.
    Save $2 on Visa Gift Cards.
    Expires 1/29/2016
    Plus 2% cashback!

    • Yes, GiftCardMall is different from GiftCards.com. GiftCardMall orders frequently get cancelled and are sometimes supplied by Incentive Card Labs, in which case they do not have PINs.

      Also, despite the wording of the coupon, if you look at the cash back terms for GiftCardMall, it says that Visa gift cards only get .5% cash back.

    • Gift Card is almost always on all visa gift cards. However you can pick a design where is it not very prominent.

      And when you provide the name of the recipient, this is embossed on the card in the bottom left like a normal debit card.

  4. Cancelled my orders and blocked my account long time ago after just a couple small orders, since then no joy for me even trying to open a new account.

  5. I’ve ordered $20K over the past month without issue and so far no cancellations. Giftcards.com has been changing their Visa GC business model over the past 6 months and may have finally reached one that is profitable for them. It could be that they were trying to massage the business model to be profitable and cancelled orders that seemed to be abusing their existing model at the time.

    FYI. iConsumer has a 1.6% CB on giftcards.com plus stock equiavalent for and additional 1.6%, if you believe their 9 cents per share assumption. They filed their share structure and distribution with the SEC a couple months ago. Consumers are rewarded with ownership through share issuance with each purchase, if the SEC approves. I don’t know if I can post referral links here, but if anyone is interested if giving them a try. Please take down the link, if not allowed.


      • Not yet. I just started using them on 12/31…waiting to see how long giftcards.com takes to payouts…hoping it’s less than the potential 90 days. Support has been responsive, when asking questions.

  6. Great post! Couple questions:

    1) So to set the pin do you use any random 4 digit number on the first transaction to set the pin?
    2) From my knowledge, I don’t think you can buy MOs at WM to liquidate Bancorp bank GCs. What are some of the options to liquidate these GCs? My BB was shut down.


    • I believe the Pin comes on an insert, but you can set the Pin online or over the phone when you activate it.

      These cards work fine at WM.

        • I’ve used these cards for WM BP numerous times, liquidating another 8 this morning. I actually haven’t specifically purchased MOs with these cards, but cards that have issues at WM have issues with BP, MOs and loading Serve, not just one liquidation method. Therefore it’s probably a safe assumption that these cards can be used for all three methods.

        • Great info David. I appreciate your help.

          I was going to use WM BP for the first time soon. Was a little nervous about this. So far I know
          1) Tell the cashier your credit card network
          2) Tell them the routing number (aka your credit card number)
          3) Swipe $500 at a time up to 4 times, before they hit EBT Debit and choose $500

          Is there anything I’m missing with those steps? What is the polite/safe way of telling WM employees to hold on until I swipe my card? They always seem to be on edge.

        • You have the correct process.

          Visa or Mastercard as the merchant for most cards. Some cards have a more specific merchant that maybe cheaper to pay.

          I specify 1998.12, so that with the $1.88 fee, the total is an even $2000.

          When asked for my info, I hand the rep my card so they can copy my name and account number from it.

          After the data is verified, the register should display $2000.

          I ask to pay in $500 increments. If I recall correctly, you must swipe your card before the rep presses the debit key. This is done separately for each payment card. This process is slightly different from their other processes where debit is pressed before swiping.

          A payment can be split a maximum of 4 ways.

    • No . When you receive the cards you activate online, at which point a pin is assigned. You then have the option to set your own pin online.

  7. Has anyone been able to successfully load them to Serve? I was not able to load Serve at WM using my bank’s debit card and my serve account was not shutdown. So, I would like to know for sure before ordering these. Appreciate the reply.

    • If your bank debit card didn’t work, I wouldn’t expect any gift cards to work. Are you sure you weren’t shutdown? It seems that some people were shutdown even if they didn’t get an email

  8. any reasons orders are all getting cancelled ? even get a call from amex for fraud…attempts with visa/master cc all the same…

      • I did…of course it was user error and you got to waste your time answering dumb-asses like me. At least I used your link so you’ll get “paid” for having to waste your time with me! Ha!

  9. UPDATE: Rebate price has dropped to 1%. I’ve updated the post. New price after rebate for $500 give cards is under $504. That’s still a good deal in my opinion. I also plan to look into other portal options that advertise higher payouts.

    • I don’t know your policy on other people sharing their own referral links, but here’s mine for Dollar Dig. https://www.dollardig.com/?ref=2103

      They currently have 1.2% back. They do sometimes have issues tracking it, but in my experience, customer support is great with still giving cashback so long as you follow the restrictions and guidelines.

      Note that if you use my referral link, you get $2.50 and I get $2.50, as opposed to you just getting $5.00 if you signup straight through the site.

  10. I accidentally ordered 5 $500 gift cards from Gift Card Mall..These do not have pins correct?

    If so how can one cancel their order?

  11. The reduction to 1% renders it dead for me, given shipping costs and the higher load fee. If everything worked perfectly, you’d end up with net ~$15 in fees per $2K. It’s not worth the risk or hassle to me, so I’ll stick with local MSing @ $19.80 per $2K.

  12. All,
    I did a test purchase with iConsumer (currently at 1.6% cash back for GiftCards.com). The next day I received email confirmation of the order with the correct 1.6% cash back tracked. I’ve updated this post with the iConsumer info and added my friend referral link.

    It’s worth mentioning that iConsumer gives out shares of their stock along with cash back, but it is not yet know what those shares are worth. So, my recommendation is to proceed on the assumption that the shares are worth nothing and then be happily surprised if they end up being worth something.

    CAUTION: Just because the portal seems to track correctly doesn’t mean that they’ll pay out reliably. They probably will, but you never know.

      • Right now it’s the equivalent amount as the cash back, with the shares valued at .09c. Once they get 50,000 members, they will increase the share price, decreasing the share equivalence. The price per share for conversion will step higher at other levels of membership. For more details, refer to their SEC filing. A couple weeks ago, I inquired about their membership and it was about 1000 members.

  13. Just wanna chime in about iConsumer being running their DOUBLE CASHBACK promo till 1/30 or something. So, ebay for 16% back and GiftCards.com for 3.2% back.

    • Could you confirm the 3.2% cash back on giftcards please? The Website still shows 1.6% unless you get 3.2% after an order is placed?

      • Thank you . Just read your other post too. It is a little confusing as it was 1.6% 4 days ago and this double cash back offer started today.

        Anyways, I did a trail run today- lets see what comes up on their portal as cash back offered.

  14. below is a recent reply on tweeter: (wonder what else or other retailers they exclude the 2x CB although they have advertised it; feel iffy at best)

    iConsumer Corp. ‏@iConsumerShop 4m4 minutes ago
    Unfortunately the double cash-back does not apply to http://giftcards.com at this time.

  15. Some things that I found out today:

    1) My bluebird card: no email received that said loads were disabled.
    With the cards bought from giftcard via iconsumer- Could not reload BB @ WM.
    This could be due to my card being blacklisted however, I could transfer funds into my account from my wife’s One VIP serve account and think if my account was blacklist , transfers into the account would be disabled as well. I will try Simon GC and see if it works… Any advice meanwhile?

    2)Wife’s new One VIP serve card: Successfully loaded @ WM but failed at 7Eleven and CVS does not allow debit reloads. I will try the Simon GC @ CVS and 7Eleven. Any advice on gift card reloads at locations other than WM?

    Thank you.

    • 1) I’ve heard from others with accounts that were shut down that transfers in were still working, but no other loads work. So, I’d recommend giving up on that card.
      2) 7-11 and CVS haven’t allowed debit loads for a long time. Don’t bother with those stores. For loading Serve, try Rite Aid, Family Dollar, or Dollar General.

      • Thank you-I guess its time to say addios to BB. The physical cheque is a feature that I will miss but maybe there is a similar work around with the Mail to feature @ One VIP.

  16. It’s impossible to order from giftcards.com! They cancel the order within minutes of placing the order every time, supposedly for “security reasons”. I’ve tried 8 orders so far on two different credit cards and all of them have been cancelled. I also tried from the Android app.

    Customer no-service is no help. They just tell you it’s for security reasons and tell you to have a nice day!

      • I’m 100% sure it was giftcard.com. I’ve now tried to order 15 times and it never works! Here’s part of the email I get –

        Invoice #xxxxxxx, placed through GiftCards.com, has been cancelled. The order was unfortunately not approved by our security screening process, and as a result, the gift card will not be shipped. No funds were collected from your credit or debit card for this order.
        We consider online security, which protects both our customers as well as our company, to be a top priority. Please review the billing and shipping information to ensure they were entered accurately.
        Our goal is to make our customers smile, which is why we are so sorry to have disappointed you!
        Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience,

        • Now they seem to have modified the code so as soon as I click Submit to place an order I see this error – We’re sorry. We were unable to charge your credit card. The address provided does not match the billing address of cardholder.
          If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please contact your issuing bank.

          For my bank address I copied the address from the USPS Zip Lookup and did the same for Giftcards.com so they match, but they still think I have an incorrect address.

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