Earn 10K Ultimate Rewards for Referring Friends to Chase Sapphire Preferred 50K Offer

sapphire refer a friend 10K

The current public offer on the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card is 50,000 points after $4K spend in the first three months. Chase has now upped the referral bonus on this card for people who tell their friends.

Sapphire Preferred cardholders can now refer friends to the 50K Chase Sapphire Preferred offer and receive 10K points per referral with a maximum of 50K points or 5 referrals. Previous promotions allowed 10 referrals at 5,000 points, so the maximum points earned is the same, but it takes half of the referrals.

To refer your friends:

  • Go to ChaseReferAFriend.com
  • Login with your last name, zip code and last four digits of your card number
  • Enter your friend’s email address or get a direct link by clicking to share on Twitter and copying it from there.

Chase 5/24 Rule

Keep in mind that Chase has tightened their guidelines for the Sapphire Preferred card and approval is highly unlikely if an applicant has opened up 5 or more accounts across all banks within the past 24 months.

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  1. Could I refer my wife with this program? We have a CSP currently where I’m the primary and she is an AU. This would be her first CSP of her own.

  2. No matter what Chase cards I use (last 4 digits) for the Chase refer a friend form, Chase doesn’t “recognize” the cards for any offers. So, I can’t refer anyone. Why is this happening with not only my cards, but my wife’s as well? Very strange. I may need to call Chase to ask why I can’t offer referrals to friends. Anyone have an idea about this?

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