iConsumer offering double cash back through March 31

Through 3/31/16 iConsumer is offering double cash back and double shares on purchases made between now and midnight (Central time) on 3/31/16.

iConsumer Double Cash Back March 2016

 Important Note: The doubled rates are already shown on the iConsumer site. For example, if a store shows 10% cash back, then it most likely used to be 5% but was doubled to 10%. You will not earn 20% cash back in that example. iConsumer isn’t offering double cash back for all stores, but most do seem to be included.

For an overview of the iConsumer portal, please see: Can iConsumer really deliver cash + shares? My interview with iConsumer’s founder.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
iConsumerWe'll each earn 100 shares of iConsumer stock if you use this link to sign up.In my experience, this has proven to be a reliable portal. With this portal you earn both cash back and shares in the iConsumer business. Requires $25 payable before they'll pay out.

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  1. Has anyone been able to get their cashback from Iconsumer any faster than the long 3 months? Is there any other portal that’s currently faster in payout from orders with giftcard dot com? Quarterly takes a lot of patience and hope. I was used to it in the past with ebates when you could order AGC, back when you could get decent denominations and still get CB. But, at least they were reliable. Still not used to this new portal.

    • Yazing, which also offers 1.5% cash back, was ready to send my money about a month after it was earned. Unfortunately they only send through PayPal. Since PayPal keeps shutting down my accounts, that’s a problem for me, but maybe not for you?

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