$100 Staples Gift Card for $85

staples daily deal gift card

As part of their “daily deals”, Staples is offering $100 Staples gift cards for $85 with a limit of 2.

Things to Know

  • Portals generally do not payout on the purchase of gift cards.
  • This purchase is directly from Staples and thus should earn 5X with a Chase Ink card.
  • It may show tax on the final order confirmation screen. It did for me, but when the order went through I was not charged tax.
  • You can add more than two cards to your cart, however the limit is 2 X $15 discounts so additional card will be at full price.

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    • Interesting, I placed orders from 2 separate Staples accounts with the same address (2 legitimate accounts, 1 is mine and 1 is my partner). Both orders show up in both accounts, even though I placed them under different accounts and paid with different credit cards (both were Chase Ink cards or course). Discount also shows up for both…so we’ll see if both orders go through. Terms and conditions didn’t seem to list any limits regarding household.

    • The per customer limit is never enforced for anything on Staples.com but you run the risk of getting your address banned.

  1. why Staples charge the tax for this gift card while visa gift card are not charged for the tax. Is that the system issue?

  2. What is the value in getting these gift cards? Most of us already have Staples money from the bonus cards issued with the Visa gift cards.

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