1800Flowers retroactively limits 1750 point deal to 5 orders per customer

1800Flowers Limit 5
1800Flowers periodically offers 1750 points per order with Southwest Airlines and JetBlue.  When combined with tricks for buying discount gift cards, this has been a good way of indirectly buying miles at a very good price.

I’ve written about the recent Southwest offer several times recently, and I published the JetBlue deal on Friday (found here).

Somewhere along the way, the Southwest deal stopped working but then came back to life with a new promo code: RRMD24.  And, with JetBlue, a second promo code appeared.  So, now, JetBlue customers can choose to use either TB33 or TB1750.  Both offer 1750 points per order.

New 5 order limit

All of the currently working codes have new terms associated with them.  Here’s what’s written in the terms for the JetBlue offers:

Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion. No points will be awarded for more than 5 purchases on the same member ID / customer. Offer valid through May 10, 2016.

And, the Southwest offer has the same idea:

Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards member ID / customer for this promotion. No points will be awarded for more than 5 purchases on the same member ID / customer.

Strangely, the Southwest offer isn’t technically available yet even though the website accepts the code.  The terms state: “Offer valid May 2, 2016 through May 9, 2016.”  In the past, the offer valid dates have always referred to the date in which you place the order not the date of delivery.  So, if you want to get Southwest points, I’d recommend waiting until May 2nd to place your order.

Arguing for points?

If you placed more than 5 orders while the old terms were in place, you should still get those points.  If you do not, contact 1800Flowers’ Celebration Rewards department to ask for help (they’re the ones that deal with airline mile awards).  For reference, my prior JetBlue Quick Deal listed the original terms of that deal (found here).

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  1. Now I’m not sure if they want my business or not. I have lots of people in my life that like gifts. I hear the competition is offering up some sweet rewards, too…

  2. Does that mean 5 SW plus 5 JB orders? Or 5 combined?

    Not a nice news for someone who’s been waiting for a bunch of gift cards to be shipped over the past week.

    • Hi Peter – Where can you buy gift cards that can be combined with promo codes? I bought a discounted gift card, and it gets entered as a promo code and will not allow another promo code to be added.

  3. I’ve called 1800 flowers and been told each time by phone that use of gift card will forfeit any bonus miles associated for the order. Is that true ? Has anyone seen points not given because of that ?

    • A number of people have reported that when they called after not getting miles, they were told the same thing. I find that very strange since the deal terms do not prohibit earning miles when paying with a gift card.

      I don’t know whether:
      1. This is a new policy across the board (has anyone received miles recently after paying w/ a gift card?)
      2. This is a new policy just for the 1750 point promos
      3. They don’t know why points weren’t awarded so they made up the excuse that you can’t get points when paying with a gift card.

      • I got some clarification after insisting as I read them the T&C for the offer and told me that during their training sessions, they are told that the purchase of any product with a gift card forfeits bonus miles offers. Now I don’t know if the system used to not take that into consideration but it does seem that they’ve made some changes on their front end and back end site. To be safe, I think I’ll just use directly the amex offer to have the SW points. That would still be a good deal right ?

  4. Re: purchasing with gift cards, would you agree that to hedge bets, one should use a portal (TCB) and the coupon code? This way even if we don’t succeed in getting miles to post, we should in theory get the 20% cash back.

    This company’s stuff is way overpriced, but if stacked with Amex Offer (30%), portal #2 (20%), and portal #2 (20%), it’s not too terrible.

    • may want to get a written confirm with TCB that they will pay 20%… although its portal shows 20% cb, some reports from few folks that the tracked cb is considerably less; not sure if it was a glitch or folks may have to diligently monitor / follow up to get it corrected

  5. Do I read this to mean that in the same 1800flowers account I can place 5 orders using my JetBlue account number and 5 orders using my wife’s?

  6. What is the minimum order required for the Southwest code, and is that after discounts?

    There is a Visa Checkout code of VC25 for 25% off, valid thru 5/10/16. Can that be stacked with the Southwest promo?

    There is a groupon code of 20% off, MTHR49, on purchases of $49.99 but Visa Checkout code is obviously better.

  7. So this is kind of blasphemous, but I actually ordered flowers from these guys for a reason: Mother’s Day! I noticed though that the best flower deals said something like “no promotion code can be used with this order.” And, sure enough, when I tried to use the Southwest code in the order box, it rejected it with the same language.

    I guess this isn’t the end of the world because, as I understand it, you can’t get cashback AND promo code miles. Obviously, the miles are worth more than the 22% currently available on ebates, but it doesn’t seem worth “overpaying” for flowers to get the miles if you actually care about the flowers (and want them at a decent price).

    But for future edification, do they have sales where you CAN use a promo code (and therefore earn miles on their sale items)?

    • They have always (at least in the past year or 2) been very restrictive about which items would work with certain promo codes. And, we’ve even seen many items flip from accepted to not-accepted within hours. I am, too, leaning towards using portal rebates as the best option for ordering from 1800Flowers when your primary goal is to order stuff you want (vs. to get miles)

  8. Is RRMD24 active? I tried a test order and when I apply the code, the site is asking for the valid membership id. Also I’m not seeing any banners on the site advertising the promo.

    • It worked for me today. It wants you to put in your Southwest number in conjunction with the promo code.

      Yesterday, I successfully ordered chocolate covered strawberries. Today, I got a message saying they didn’t qualify for the promo.

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