Get 70K Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink in Branch

ink plus 70k

In celebration of Small Business Week, Chase is offering increased sign-up bonuses on their Ink cards when you sign up in-branch.

The Offers

  • Ink Plus: Earn 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points after $5,000 in spending during the first 3 months.
  • Ink Cash: Earn $300 (30K Ultimate Rewards points) after $3,000 in spending during the first 3 months.

Need to Know

  • These offers are only available when you sign-up in branch. The online offers remain at 20K/60K for now.
  • Both offers expire May 15, 2016
  • It isn’t clear at this point if the $95 annual fee for the Ink Plus is waived in-branch like with past deals.

You can find an image of the offers in this Reddit thread.

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Sign-Up Bonuses

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  1. I consider it a wash, you’re essentially paying $95 for 10k UR points. All depends on how much you value UR points. Now, if the AF is waived for the first year this is really slick.

  2. Please delete my last name from the previous post.

    Have you considered the Discus comments plugin? It’s free and you can edit comments.

  3. thanks so much for the heads up – sent a SM this afternoon and was matched the additional 10K points 🙂 had applied online back in february and still working on the $5K spend.

  4. Ditto. Matched the extra 10K via a quick SM. Just recently got the 60K for the in-branch application (sneaking under the 5 in 24 month wire). Easy 10K thanks!

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