25% Transfer Bonus from Amex Membership Rewards to Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles

hawaiianmiles transfer bonus

Through 6/21/2016, American Express is offering a 25% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles.

The Offer

Get 25% more HawaiianMiles® when you transfer Membership Rewards points through 6/21/16. (Note: This may be targeted. Login to your account and check the transfer screen to see if you are eligible.)


With this bonus, 1 Membership Rewards point becomes 1.25 HawaiianMiles.

  • 1,000 Membership Rewards becomes 1,250 HawaiianMiles
  • 10,000 Membership Rewards becomes 12,500 HawaiianMiles

To transfer points, simply add your Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles number to your Membership Rewards account and then go to the transfer section under “Travel”.

Excise Tax Offset Fee

American Express charges a fee equal to $.0006 per point when transferring Membership Rewards to U.S. based loyalty programs (up to $99). For example, a transfer of 10,000 Membership Rewards points will cost $6. Amex gives you the option to use an additional 1,200 points to offset the fee, but that is a terrible deal.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. yup, that points for excise tax offer is indeed “terrible” — as is Amex even charging this tax for these transfers. I’ve posted variations of this question for years, but don’t recall anyone ever having the knowledge or nerve to hazard an answer.

    Curious to learn if this fee/tax is based on an actual tax charged anywhere? (esp. as the other major rewards programs, e.g. Chase & Citi, don’t charge such fees for transfers) We presume/trust that AMEX is basing this on a real tax. (But I well remember when various regional phone companies were nailed in a class action for charging “taxes” that didn’t actually exist.)

    Even if there is some actual tax somewhere, is AMEX just passing along the actual tax, or might this be yet another shakedown afoot, where we have the existence of a pittance tax being used as excuse to add on “service charges” — and get away with it under the cover of “a tax.”

    (So this is more than idle curiosity….. yet also personal as we’re contemplating closing an Amex gold so and so…. yes the points were nice — but the downgrades in transfer value to our fav. airlines — e.g. Jetblue — plus the death of SBF, then these annoying and very real transfer fees to airlines — have really soured us on the whole Amex Member “rewards” experience….. )

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