$100 Sears Gift Card for $85 & Other Deals Today on eBay

Sears double dip

SVM Gift Cards on eBay is selling $100 Sears gift cards for $85 with a limit of 3.

Save Even More

  • You can earn an additional 3% cashback in the gift cards category by starting at Ebates.
  • You can earn 2% in eBay Bucks.
  • You can pay with an eBay gift card purchased at a discount if applicable.

Extreme Stacking

For more information on saving the most money while shopping at Sears, see: Sears and Kmart Extreme Stacking

Other Discounted Cards

There are quite a few other discounted cards as well including: TGI Friday’s, Cabela’s, Hotels.com and Michael’s. You can find all of the discounted cards here.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
EBatesYou'll earn $10, and I'll get a $5 bonus when you make your first purchase of $25 or more. I may earn additional bonuses when EBates runs special refer-a-friend promotionsThis is a well-established and reliable cash back portal.

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  1. Aw, I didn’t scroll down to the bottom of the cashbackmonitor list to see that ebates possibility! Lesson learned. Scroll! I do know you have to move FAST when ebay has the deals on the “better” gift cards. Two days ago, I missed some Gamestop gift cards because I was momentarily delayed by a “routine” paypal fraud alert issue.

  2. Is there a limit of 3 total gift cards, 3 each brand, or does each card vary? And if so how do you know the limit?

    • The limit of 3 is on the Sears cards. Each card has its own separate limit. To find out the limit put a number in the quantity field and if that number is higher than the limit then it will tell you what the limit is.

      • I bought 3 Sears this morning and then it let me buy 1 more in the afternoon (when the bonus buck deal came through). It would not let me order 2 this afternoon.

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