$10 off $150 or more in Amex Gift Cards at Office Depot/Officemax

amex gcs office depot

Officemax and Office Depot are running an instant rebate promotion on American Express gift cards this coming week.

The Offer

Save $10 When you buy $150 or more in American Express® Gift Cards.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid 6/19/16 to 6/25/16.
  • Limit 2 offers per household/business.

Need to Know

  • American Express gift cards are not PIN-enabled and thus can be difficult to liquidate.
  • In-store only.

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  1. I haven’t visited OD/OM for a while. Unless they changed their policy, I believe all gift cards (even store gift cards) are Cash Only. No fun!

    • That varies by store/region, but as far as I understand, their system is only hardcoded against using credit cards for variable load prepaid cards such as Vanilla Visas.

  2. In Houston credit card (chase ink) is accepted for payment. Unlike previous promos at od/om you should only offer $300 or $400 to csm at a time. Do not offer more as max discount per transaction is only $20.
    I found the hard way!

    • So just to confirm – unlike previous Office Max promos this one is hard coded for a max of only 2 rebates per transaction? In the past I’ve had success buying $1500 or even $1800 VGC and getting $100 or $120 off.

  3. I just use these for regular spending. I learned that they can be registered to your name and address, but only if you call the number on the card. C’mon, AMEX.

  4. Deal is Dead (Virginia): Failed last night with cashier comment “Our system isn’t activating any cards right now”…followed by this morning (at a different store): Sign is removed, and store manager says “Deal was pulled by corporate last night.” No more MasterCard sale

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