Ink Plus success with Chase’s Special Consideration form

Over a month ago, I applied for a targeted United Mileage Plus 75K offer and an Ink Plus 60K offer.  Both applications were initially pending.  After calling the personal and business recon lines to request immediate decisions, the United card was approved, but the Ink card was denied.  I called again about the Ink card and my application was re-opened and submitted for further review.  I was promised a decision within 2 weeks, but in reality it took 4.  The decision came by mail: denied.  The reason: “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.”

As I described in the post “United 75K approved, Ink Plus 60K pending,” I had added my Chase banker’s employee number to the application so that he would earn a commission on the sale if approved.  I wrote “It couldn’t hurt to throw a commission his way and, if I ran into any trouble getting approved, I’d have him in my corner.”  That turned out to be a good move.

After receiving the denial letter, I called my Chase banker and he told me about the option to submit a Special Consideration Form (details here).  I dropped by his office later that day to sign the form.  Just 2 days after he submitted the form, I received a nice email:

You’ve been approved! Welcome to Ink Plus®

Chase Ink Plus success


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  1. […] In early June, I jumped on a targeted 75K offer for the United Mileage Plus card.  Since I expected the inquiries to combine, I tried again for the 60K Chase Ink Plus offer (this would be my second open Ink Plus card, but for a different business than my open card).  Initial details of this App-No-Rama can be found here: United 75K approved, Ink Plus 60K pending.  After a couple of denials with the Ink card, I was finally approved after my Chase banker submitted a Special Consideration Form on my behalf (details here). […]


  1. Look at me, I have a personal Chase banker and the rest of you don’t!

    I can play this game at levels the rest of you can only dream of!

    Enough with the elitist posts, they’re off putting.

    • If you read his earlier post, you only need $10,000 on deposit to request the Special Reconsideration Form. Don’t be mad because you live at a poverty level. Most people have $10,000 that they can move to Chase to be able to use this form. I, for one, appreciate that he posted.

      • I have a possible suggestion for Michael, wise2u, and Stvr. If you don’t have $10,000 saved up to take advantage of this deal, perhaps you can buy $10,000 of Visa gift cards. Then, you can use the Visa gift cards to buy money orders, deposit the money orders in a credit union account (to avoid suspicion with Chase), and then transfer the money from your credit union account to your Chase bank account.

        As an alternative, you can possibly manufacture spend on a cash back card such as the Wells Fargo cash back card, and earn $10,000. Then, you can transfer the money into your Chase checking account.

        • The next thing they will do is complain that only the elite have enough money to be able to float the VGC fees (~$4-$5 per card) or pay the outrageous money order fees to be able to do as you suggested. Or they will just complain that it’s too much work.

        • good suggestion, but like a bunch of ploys on this site way too many steps, for too little reward. I didn’t read that you needed just 10k to get access to the form. I had read that in order to get a private client banker you had to have 250K in deposits…that is too much. for access to a form. to do an end run for a chase card….and too late on you alternative suggestion, I already earned 10k+ on WF 5% BEFORE they started shutting people down for doing volume.

  2. It is a good end run that likely few people know of.
    I agree the private client requirements are too high for most to make use of.

      • @Dan, self-righteous much?

        And this blog has gone downhill. Its only about stacking rewards and dealing with Chase.

        • Dan works for Greg, defending his honor and selling the junk Greg gets free from sears on ebay and craigslist….he also stands next to him at parties to make him look better….lol

  3. Maybe actually work hard to make actual income while you’re playing credit card and stop complaining like an intact female dog all the time?

    • wow you sycophants really get angry at everyone who is critical of anything. Lighten up, your precious little spoon isnt gonna stop feeding you anytime soon.

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