Earn $30 Profit + Points for Buying a Coin

pfs buyers club coin

PFS Buyers Club is offering members a small profit for purchasing a limited edition coin and selling it to them.

The Offer

Purchase a limited edition coin on September 8, 2016 from the US Mint for $489.95 including shipping and receive $520 for a profit of $30.05.

How It Works

  1. Register for an account (Referral Link)
  2. Click the Opt in button to opt in to the deal.
  3. At noon, you will purchase one (1) Standing Liberty coin and have it shipped to your house/office.
  4. You must input your Order Number in your “My Orders” page by 7PM on Thursday the 8th.
  5. When it arrives, you must keep the US Mint box sealed.
  6. You must ship the coin to PFS via the prepaid return label within 3 days of receiving them.
  7. You will receive a receipt from PFS Buyers Club once your order has been received.
  8. Compensation will be sent via Check or PayPal within 7 business days of the coin being delivered to a PFS Buyers Club.

Need to Know

  • Several members of the community have used this service and had good experiences. I have not personally sold a coin to them, but plan to do so with this deal to try them out.
  • This particular coin has a limit of 1 per household.
  • It is a good idea to register for a US Mint account ahead of time so you can ensure your purchase goes smoothly.

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  1. Can I use a credit card to purchase from the US Mint? I thought they closed that loophole a while ago? I’d love to put a $500 charge on my new CSR…


  2. Hmmm.. I think I may just buy it and keep it for myself. Standing Liberty is a new design, a limited edition… different than the standard Lady LIberty design.. the coin maybe worth a lot more in the future.. than the $30 profit. Whoever is doing this is trying to circumvent the 1 per household rule.

    • I order from the US Mint all the times as a coin collector. No CC considers this a cash transaction.

      This coin celeberating the 100th anniversary of the SLQ is worth way more than $30 profit. Check out presales on eBay. Look how well the dime has preformed that was released a couple months ago. The gold half will be released in a couple months where I’m sure others may offer you more. This is something you want to buy and keep. If you want to profit then flip on the bay or wait it out a year for a larger flip down the road.

    • Very highly. The dime sold out in 10 minutes. The Silver Liberty Medals sold earlier this month for $35 each (household limit of 2 each from (W) West Point and (S) San Francisco – 4 total sold out in 4 minutes. Now they sell for $150-$160!each on eBay. I’ve sold 2 for $190 as I’m in for the long game and I collect. They will be worth way more as more time goes by.

      With the 100k mintage and HHL of 1 this may take longer but ther are many coin companies offering people cash to buy for them. Penn Metals offered a lot too buy the dimes, medals and surely will do so again for the half dollar. It may take up to a few hours to sell out but certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it happens faster. It’s also possible that all 100k are not ready for shipment yet so it may go in back order sooner.

      This is the 100th anniversary for the Walking Liberty design coins; the Mercury Dimes, Standing Liberty quarter and half dollar. They are releasing them all in 24k (.9999 gold) (1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz respectfully). The quarter being released today is the type 1 orginal 1916 quarter as well with the exposed breast.

      • Thank you Mark for all the great information.
        What forums/sites do you recommend where one can learn of valuable coin releases?

        • True. Only 47.7k of the 100k were sold the first day. Many coin experts including myself were excepting a much higher number but the U.S. Mint decision to restrict household ordering limits to 1 greatly dampened sales. The gold dime that came out earlier this year and had a mintage limit of 125k and household order limit of 10 sold out within an hour of sales. The quarter that went on sale yesterday as I mentioned with the restrictions only sold 47.7k in day one. Dealers who are offers people like us to buy for them are still actively seeking coins and so are many collectors who want more to match their dimes. The gold half dollar will be coming out later this year (Date TBD on the USM product schedule) will have the same frenzy. There is no telling how many of the 100k authorized maximin they have produced. If they havent produced them all then with the lower than excepted sales on day one the final mintage may be lower. The dime is at 116,106 and mark as Unavailable, so they produced the max of 125k. For those that collect or invest in coins the point is nill as the point here was to get free cash and pts/miles for a small amount of time. For those that flip; short term this was a fail but long term the lower the final mintage the better this will be. For example earlier this month the USM released 2 Silver Liberty Medals from 2 seperate mints that had a 12.5k mintage each for $35 each. They sold out within 20 minutes (or quicker, cant recall at this time) and now sell easily on eBay for $150+. I could sell them and nearly 5x my money but in a couple years these will be worth double or triple their current value. I often buy products from the USM and other world mints to flip ASAP or hold for a bit to flip. I do this to basically invest for my 2 kids (aged 2 and 4) for free or very little. As I am legally blind and live on a fixed income and dont have the means that the majority of you guys do I read, study and research the coin market vigorous. I am right more often than not. I also collect silver, mostly the 5 oz silver quarters produced by the USM and the 90% silver coinage that the US made in 1964 and prior. With silver currently under $20 I believe its on sale. I believe gold and silver will not only maintain their purchasing power but increase greatly in value over the next decade. Silver and gold have always been money – up until about 50 years ago when the world led by Nixion took the US off the last little bit of the Gold Standard we had (it was gone long before that) and put us (the world) on this fiat paper money that I have little faith in will continue to donimate as the worlds reserve currency and maintain its purchasing power.

          Sorry for the little — long tell. Point being I guess, if you can afford it – buy the quarter for your kids or yourself or at least look into buying some bullion each month to derisive your portfolio.

  3. Every swingin richard this side of the pecos is gonna try and take advantage of this. Hopefully PFS is willing to buy upwards of 10,000 coins.

    • I get around the household limits with my AU on my AMEX (sisters, father, brother) and a couple friends. I’ll get as many as I’ll need which isn’t as many as the dime that was only $205.

      There are higher offers than $30 out there but for a quick flip EBay is probably best.

      Thanks though.

  4. PFS is no longer accepting opt-ins for the deal (probably smart to limit the risk I guess) but thank you to alerting us to this. I signed up using your link and look forward to future deals.

      • Clearly the mint was not ready for the order surge. My order also went through, but only after 21 minutes of frustration and multiple webpage repopulations. And in the end all I got was an “acknowledgement” of my order, not yet a “confirmation.” I wonder if the mint can still back out on this.

  5. Well I opted in and was able to purchase the coin. I will post how smooth this went. If anyone hears any “shadyness” please send a heads up.


  6. I opted in and at noon, clicked on “add to Bag”. It took over 10 minutes of trying, as the page went to a “page not found” and or “unknown error popping up constantly. I finally got the process all the way through, then on the PFS site, the “My Orders” page would not refresh to allow you to input the Mint confirmation number or email address. After ANOTHER 10 minutes of trying, I used a different browser and was able to complete this process. Let’s hope the rest is more straightforward, like actually getting the coin, shipping it to PFS, and then getting my money from them.
    fyi, I left similar comments on the Deals We Like website, and they promptly disappeared. Makes me a little leery of this whole thing.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I know a few people who have had success with them on past deals and am trying this myself for the first time. I didn’t have the same issues with inputting my order #, but my guess is everyone was hitting their site at the same time just like with the Mint.

      Hopefully it does go smoothly from here. Not sure about the comments on the other site, but we definitely want everyone to have as much information as possible and don’t censor any comments here.

  7. This same deal was offered through dclclub and the payout was $35. A bit better. Here is my referral if you are interested in a bit better payout:


    • Usually for US Mint orders the billing address must match the shipping address for orders. You could try a guest checkout rather than registering and signing in and attempt to purchase a $200 US Mint gift certificate. No idea if that would work though. I know for items with a household limit they are much stricter or the CC billing/shipping matching part. If you can pay your order with GCs then no CC info is needed.\

  8. It looks like the eBay/PayPal fees if you have as store are 9%, so if you sold this for $600, you could do only about $20 better than the deal. What do you think they will go for on eBay after everyone get’s them and they flood eBay?

  9. Just got an email – Penn Metals is offering $50 for these quarters. Not too late to order. They send you a prepaid shipping envelope and they are a very great coin company. I have bought and sold many coins from them. Never bought coins for them as I prefer to buy them myself and sell them myself either in OGP (as received from the US Mint) or after getting graded.

    If your interested… Heres the info…

    Michael Berkman michael@pennmetals.com

    View this email in your browser – http://us12.campaign-archive1.com/?u=8b5087851323dfe36b780baf8&id=67364e3f35&e=0c5cb41f49

    // I wonder if they will give me a referral bonus! Send a note that Mark sent you (markrex.hall@gmail.com) //

    Do You Want To Make $50?
    Dear Penn Metals Client,

    The United States Mint is selling a 2016 Gold Standing Liberty Quarter coin for $485.00 with a household limit of one (1) coin. We now need a large quantity of these coins and are willing to pay over the U.S. Mint price to get them.

    We can pay you $50 over the U.S. Mint price. And, we’ll pay all your shipping expenses!

    Simply purchase the coin from the U.S. Mint by clicking here. Then, ship the coin to Penn Metals (at our expense) once it arrives. As soon as we receive your coin, we will immediately send you a check. We make it easy by covering the cost of shipping and insurance!

    Here’s all you need to do:

    Buy the coin from the U.S. Mint here.
    Once your order has been placed, email your U.S. Mint order number to Support@PennMetals.com. This locks in your $50 profit. Please note that due to the high volume of responses, it may take 24-72 hours to respond to your confirmation, but you are locked in as soon as you send us your U.S. Mint order number.
    We will send you a prepaid USPS shipping label for your coin. This label covers the cost of shipping and insurance.
    Upon receipt of the coin we will send you a check immediately.
    Questions you may have:

    Q: Why are you doing this?
    A: Penn Metals wants to buy a large quantity of these coins. Due to the Mint’s low household limit, we can only get a sufficient number of coins with your help.

    Q: How do I ship the coin to you?
    A: We will send you a prepaid shipping label to print. All you need to do is place the label on the package you receive from the U.S. Mint and send to us. This covers shipping and insurance. We make the process as easy as possible.

    Q: How will I get paid?
    A: We will issue a check immediately upon receipt of your coin.

    Q: How many do you need?
    A: We need a large quantity of coins. You can tell your family and friends about this offer; we’re happy to buy their coins and pay them a profit too!

    Q: For how long is this offer good?
    A: This offer is good through the end of tomorrow, September 9th 2016. You can lock in with us until 11:59 PM EST on 9/9/16.

    Q: If the U.S. Mint offers expedited shipping, should I select that option?
    A: No. For this buy campaign, we recommend you select the $4.95 budget shipping option.

    Q: Do I need to send you the original government packaging (OGP)?
    A: Yes. For this buy campaign, just adhere the prepaid shipping label (which we will send you) to the sealed U.S. Mint box. This saves you time and eliminates the need to remove the coin from the box.

    Q: What’s the catch?
    A: There is no catch. We want to buy a large number of these coins, and the U.S. Mint’s household limit makes it difficult for us to buy them. This is why we’re offering a profit over Mint cost.

    Q: Is this a real offer?
    A: Yes. This year, we’ve conducted three buy campaigns just like this. In total, we’ve bought seven figures worth of 2016 Gold Mercury Dimes, Platinum Eagles and Liberty Medals from our client base. You’re welcome to email us at Support@PennMetals.com to verify this offer.

    Q: What’s the U.S. Mint’s definition of “household?”
    A: Our understanding is that a household is defined as an address. Orders with different names shipped to the same address may very well be cancelled by the Mint.

    Q: What are these coins really worth, or what will they be worth in the future?
    A: There’s no way to know for sure. For items like this, demand often starts out strong but cools down quickly. If you lock in your order and the value drops, your $50 profit is still guaranteed.

    Q: If I commit the coin to you, do I have to sell it to you?
    A: Yes, this is a binding agreement for both parties. We expect all medals committed to us will be delivered to us promptly upon receipt.

    Q: I thought you weren’t buying these?
    A: After further consideration, we decided to buy a quantity of these from our clients.

    If you have any further questions, please email us at Support@PennMetals.com. Due to the high volume of activity during these buy campaigns, please email us rather than call for the fastest response.


    Michael Berkman, Jessica Berkman @ the Penn Metals team

    Hundreds of clients participated in our previous buy campaigns earlier this year. We welcome you to profit from this offer too!

    Click Here To Buy Your 2016 Gold Quarter

  10. Seems my post about Penn Metals was in moderation but not accepted. Anyhow they are paying $50 per quarter up until 9/9 11.59pm.

    Here is their email in browser. Let them know Mark sent you! I probably wont get anything but maybe they will give me a silver quarter or something. lol

      • Posts with links are automatically held for moderation. Your one long post that copied the email had a lot of links to Penn Metals email servers and mailing list and thus I am not going to approve it given you already gave the information in a separate comment. I want readers to have the most information as possible as does Greg. We get a lot of spam comments so any time something with a link is posted it has to be held for moderation or you could imagine what would happen. That is why you saw some of your comments and not the others.

    • In their FAQ, they mention this:

      Q: If I commit the coin to you, do I have to sell it to you?
      A: Yes, this is a binding agreement for both parties. We expect all medals committed to us will be delivered to us promptly upon receipt.

      How is this a legally binding agreement? Do you know?

      • Civilly, yes I would say so. Now, if you were to back out of it would it be in their financial best interest to sue you? I doubt it. I think if you take advantage of this offer for the free cash and pts/miles that you should honor it.

        The US Mint released sales data for the first day of sales. 47,884 were sold which is less than half the mintage so the secondary market for coins will be low if any without a quick sell out. Now, long term these are an outstanding investment. Seems if your in it for the quick flip this would be your best option as opposed to selling on eBay.

  11. considering it’s only 1/4 ounce of gold and gold is $1323/ounce, there is a fair amt. of speculation in this. Sure it’s “limited” to 100k, but guessing the ebay price will drop b/c of all those ppl who didn’t get in to make $30.

    In short, the $485 price has quite a risk premium. given quarters/dimes were far cheaper, it stands to reason they’ll have a much easier re-sale turn-around.

    Good luck….

  12. Well it’s done. I bought and shipped the coin. PFS received the coin and deposited $520 into my account on their website. I immediately transfered the cash into PayPal. And this morning transfered the cash to my bank. Overall they were very professional and quick to reply to emails.

    I was a little concerned doing this, nothing worse than losing $490 to make $30 plus points. But they honored their end of the deal.

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