Up to 70K signup bonus for Delta Amex cards!

Information about these cards has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.


Through 11/9/2016 Delta Gold and Platinum credit cards have increased public signup bonuses:

  • Delta Platinum Personal 70,000 miles + 10K MQMs + $100: Earn 70,000 miles and 10K MQMs after $3K spend in 3 months + $100 statement credit after Delta purchase in 1st 3 months. $195 annual fee not waived first year.
  • Delta Platinum Business 70,000 miles + 10K MQMs + $100: Earn 70,000 miles and 10K MQMs after $5K spend in 3 months + $100 statement credit after Delta purchase in 1st 3 months. $195 annual fee not waived first year.
  • Delta Gold Personal 50,000 miles + $50: Earn 50,000 miles after $2K spend in 3 months + $50 statement credit after Delta purchase in 1st 3 months. $95 annual fee waived first yearNOTE: You may find a better offer (with a $100 credit) by going through the steps of booking a flight on Delta.com.
  • Delta Gold Business 50,000 miles + $50: Earn 50,000 miles after $2K spend in 3 months + $50 statement credit after Delta purchase in 1st 3 months. $95 annual fee waived first year.

Links to these offers can be found on our Best Offers Page here.

Quick Analysis

  • Amex business cards do not count against your Chase 5/24 status.
  • Delta credit card holders can use miles to purchase airfare for 1 cent per mile, so the signup bonuses are worth at least $700 for the Platinum cards and $500 for the Gold cards towards airfare.  Miles often can go much further when used to book awards.
  • 70,000 miles is the largest offer I can remember ever seeing for the Platinum cards
  • Those seeking Delta elite status can get a big leg up with 10K MQMs (Delta requires 25K MQMs per calendar year to reach elite status)
  • The statement credits are easy to getAny charge processed by Delta will kick off the statement credit including paying the $5.60 TSA fee on a domestic award ticket.

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  1. Never had any amex delta card before. how many miles for rt biz class from LAX to Asia/Europe? Isn’t there an increase in award redemption October 2016? Any sweet spots or is it a waste of time to even apply for delta credit cards?

    • Saver business awards to Europe were 125K round trip but they’re increasing to 140K round trip. The signup bonus is enough for a one-way business class flight. I’d recommend using United miles or AA (if you can find availability on an airline other than BA) for the return since Delta charges high fees for award flights originating in Europe. To Asia, I see business class one-way flights starting at 80K miles.

      I don’t think it is a waste at all to apply for Delta cards because even if you don’t use the miles for awards, you can use them to pay for Delta airfare at 1 cent per mile. So a 70K bonus is worth at least $700 in flights

    • That’s a great question actually. If you don’t have enough MQMs to make elite status, even with the extra 10K, then yes that’s a great idea. Otherwise, any MQMs you earn above what is needed for reaching elite status will roll over into the next year.

      If you do decide to wait, then it may make sense to wait until near the end of this promotion to sign up.

    • If you apply for more than 1 credit card the 2nd card won’t be approved same day, but can often be approved later. Unfortunately, in my experience, that causes a second hard inquiry if approved. However, you can get as many charge cards as you want in one day as far as I know.

      The Delta cards are credit cards.
      Examples of business charge cards include: Business Platinum card (not the Delta one), Business Gold Rewards, Business, Green, Business Gold…

  2. Would purchase of $100 Delta GC qualify for statement credit? Also your previous article of Amex clawing back bonus on Platinum would have any impact on Delta Platinum since some folks who had Benz platinum were affected by this clawback.

    • Yes if you buy a Delta gift card directly from Delta it will work. It doesn’t have to be $100 though. I don’t know what the smallest denomination is that they allow, but if they allowed 1 cent gift cards, that would work too (i.e. you do not have to spend $100 to get $100).

      No the Delta Platinum and other Platinum cards are DEFINITELY considered completely separate products. They just happen to have similar names.

  3. @greg
    I have max Amex credit cards SPG, 2xdelta gold and Hilton

    Amex maxes the amount of credit cards to 4?

    Should I cancle the gold delta cards then apply for the plats or apply and get a pending then likely need to close?

    I’m a contractor, min spend is no problem for me $7.5-$10k monthly spend normally, few years ago before I got in this hobby I paid in checks, lol

    My suppliers don’t care if it’s CC, cash or checks my pricing is the same, like a dumb ass I payed and payed with cash and checks with nothing back, I did think they charged 3% for card payment like some gas stations do but that’s not the case.

    • Yes, 4 credit card limit (although some have been approved for 5, but I wouldn’t count on it).

      You can go either way, but if it were me I think I’d cancel the Gold cards first and wait a couple of days before applying for the Platinum cards just so that there’s a chance of automatic approval. The truth is, though, that if you apply for two Platinums (personal and business, I assume?) on the same day, they’ll probably hold up one of the applications for further review anyway.

  4. Trying to app through your affiliate link and the Continue button on the first page for the DL Plat Business card is not working. You push it and nothing happens. Tried multiple browsers, multiple PCs, incognito mode, etc. Seems like a coding problem in the app. Anyone being successful with the Business Plat app?

      • I considered that as well and tried a variety of answers. Even tried answering the optional questions.

        Upon trying it now, the app form from your affiliate link has changed! And it works! Before (and if you try to app through http://www.delta.com) you get a form that shows business income as a free-form text field. In your new app form, it has a dropdown where you can pick a range of incomes instead. So the form definitely updated.

        If you start from delta.com, that form is still broken in the way I described above. But your affiliate link works fine now.

  5. @greg

    good advice, if I can avoid calling I will, it’s getting harder to explain why so many cards.

    Apply for both same day? or spread apps a week apart? I rather do same day for 1 less pull on credit

  6. Hi Greg,
    I’m thinking of maybe trying to get Delta Diamond next year without flying. If I apply for the Delta Platinum around 11/1/16 and complete minimum spending requirements after 1/1/17, would the 10k MQMs count for next year?

  7. @greg
    I cancled both gold delta cards yesterday then applied for both delta plats today, personal first instant approval $8k then business, it’s pending so I called Amex, rep told me after (5) days then your app will be looked at not sooner.

    Notes: Amex offered me 3k delta points on each card to keep the golds I said no thanks but it might help someone that can get those points now then cancle in early November apply for plats then finish the min spend $3k/$5k for the MQS posting January 2017 as one of your readers noted.

  8. If you have held the personal DL gold, upgraded to the platinum (which currently hold), and am a user on my husband’s Amex business plat (non DL), am I still eligible to apply for the DL business plat and receive the bonus?

    • Yes. Being an authorized user doesn’t change your eligibility to sign up for a card on your own, so it would have been OK even if your husband has the Delta Platinum business card. And the personal and business cards are considered different products, so you’re good to go.

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