Earn 5,000 Points Back Per Night on Hilton Award Stays: Up to 100% Back on 1 Night Stays

hilton bonus award stays

A couple of weeks ago I covered Hilton’s 5,000 bonus point offer for booking through their app and paying with a Visa card. Well, apparently it is better than we thought. According to the Hilton representative on Flyertalk, award stays are eligible as long as some incidental is purchased and the final bill is paid for with a Visa card.

From the rep:

Eligible reward stays count for the Visa Bonus provided the incidentals or other charges are paid for using a Visa card.

This means that you will receive 100% of your points back for one night stays at a category 1 and 50% of your points back for one night stays at a category 2 property if you make a small charge and pay with a Visa. The percentage back is diminished as you go to higher tiers.

While this deal will be great in some cheaper countries, in the U.S. most category 1 and 2 properties are Hampton Inns. According to HHonors terms stays at Hampton, Home2Suites and Homewood are not eligible since incidentals charged are not eligible to earn points at those properties. We don’t know how this is enforced though.

For more info, see this Inside Flyer UK post.

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  1. Is this promo only good for one stay? I did not see any limit to the number of bonuses you can earn during the promo period. In short, could you do this for more than one stay?

  2. I earned the 5000 points on a one night stay at a HGI a few nights ago and the only thing I charged to the card was the room. No incidentals.

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