GiftCardMall 5 Back Visas are In Stock: $500 Visas for $481

giftcardmall 5 back

Currently GiftCardMall is offering 5% off up front on 5 Back Visa gift cards. With this promotion a $500 card costs $480.95. The cards had been out of stock on their website, but they have now returned.

You can find out more details about this deal in our original post.

Need to Know

  • Use a portal to get an additional 1.25% back.
  • Gift Card Mall cancels people’s orders randomly.
  • This deal runs through tomorrow unless they run out of stock again.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. Has anyone been able to get past what seems like a permanent ban by GCM? None of my cards will process. I have tried different logins, shipping addresses, incognito…No luck! I read someone that GCM may be processing as cash advance

  2. Dammit, getting the stupid declined message on two CCs now. I had an order go through a few days ago but I haven’t received the cards yet.

  3. So both charges are pending on both cards that were declined according to GCM. I really wish they’d tell us the problem so we could fix it.

  4. GCM apparently randomly cancels orders or randomly delays orders. Any reports of random actual sales? Any random gift cards actually delivered? I hear all this sizzling, there must be a steak somewhere around here.

  5. I just called in and was told “We are undergoing system maintenance and all orders are canceling. Try after 24 hours. There is nothing wrong with your account.”
    ugh…. I’ve tried probably 20 times over the last week. No dice.

  6. First time on site – managed to place two orders and get confirmation emails. Got an additional “Thank you for your order” email on one. Checked out as guest each time.
    Tried third with different billing/shipping info – declined. Son tried with his info – declined. Two better than none.

      • Incognito mode on Chrome seems to be your friend. It’s still erratic, but it definitely helps. In my own name, after being declined on regular Chrome, I put the same order in on Incognito and it worked (signed into my existing account). I then exited Incognito and went back in. This time, I did my wife’s account. It didn’t go through. I exited again and this time gave a new email address. Success!

        So fiddle in Incognito and see what happens.

  7. Does anyone know if you got in on this the other day if you can get in on it again. I worry about pushing the envelope as I’m scared of getting the blacklist like some others.


  8. It says the card has to be activated, when calling the CS number it tells the balance but did not ask for any activation code. Anyone has trouble using it without the “activation”?

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