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My Move is offering some great deals for changing your address through their service.

How It Works

You start the address change process through My Move, but make the actual change at the USPS site. Once the address change is complete, you will be redirected back to My Move and given a list of offers to choose from. You can choose one or all of them and the ones you choose will be emailed to you.

Among the available offers are:

  • 10% or 15% off your next $1,000 in purchases at (A Slickdeals user reported getting 15% off, while I only received 10% off.)
  • $10 off your next purchase at Lowe’s
  • 15% off multiple purchases at the Container Store
  • 10% off your next purchase at Home Depot
  • 10% off your next purchase at

Note: It is possible to change your address for as little as 15 days in the USPS system and you can even backdate the change somewhat.

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