Southwest Business 60K Offer is Back!

The Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card is now available with a 60,000 point after $3K spend signup offer!

Southwest Business 60K

Points earned from Southwest credit cards do count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.  To get the Companion Pass, you must earn 110,000 points within a calendar year.  Once you’ve earned those points, the pass is good for an unlimited number of free companion flights for the rest of that calendar year and all of the next.

If you pair this offer with either of the Chase Southwest personal cards (both the Premier and Plus cards are available for 50K points after $2K spend), it is possible to earn the Companion Pass very quickly.  Once you’ve earned the signup bonuses, you’ll have the Companion Pass for the rest of 2017 and all of 2018.

All 3 signup bonus links are up to date on our Best Offers page.  None are affiliate links.  If you know a friend with any of these cards, though, you should ask them for a referral so that they can earn 10,000 bonus points.  Recent reports indicate that referral bonus points also count towards the Companion Pass.

Unfortunately, the Southwest credit cards are subject to Chase’s 5/24 Rule.  This means that if you opened 5 or more personal credit cards (or Capital One business cards) in the past 24 months, your application will most likely be denied.

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  1. For those folks that have recently gotten this card, calling Chase and requesting a match to the higher offer should work, yes?

  2. I applied for two SW cards, one personal and one business. Both went for decision review. Not sure why. Have a very strong relationship with Chase. Business account also with Chase bank.
    Hopefully they approve. Fingers crossed

  3. I would like my wife to apply for the business card. She will be getting her Personal Plus 50k bonus this month. So this card’s bonus would help her hit 110k for companion pass very early in the year. I have both Personal cards and will have both bonuses hit this month as well. I was planning to use the UR points to Hyatt to SW routing to get the extra 10k RR points needed for the companion pass (I did most of my spend on the Personal cards in 2016 so I wouldn’t have to be rushing at the end). Now that SW changed the hotel partner transfer counting toward the CP, I am scrambling for how to get that additional 10k. Is there any way I can refer my wife to the Business card and received the 10k referral bonus? Or is that only possible if I personally have the Business card currently? If not possible… what is the best way to obtain 10k RR points currently? Thanks!

  4. I have both personal cards and met the $2k spend on both last week (Jan 6). My statements closed on Jan 7, so I’m wondering when I should see the bonus points in my rapid rewards account. Would they show up when my statement closes next month? The points from my $2k+ in spend were posted right away.

    • Hmm, if the points posted with the statement close then I would have expected the signup bonus to appear then too. Try sending a secure message to Chase to tell them that you met the spend requirements, and ask nicely if they’ll expedite the bonus.

      • Well that is good news at least! Now to be extra greedy… any promotions going on right now to gain Hyatt points quickly and easily? I would have to sign up as a new member I think. Chase UR points transfer is a fine last resort but I lose a lot of UR value transferring to Hyatt… especially to get a large enough amount to obtain 10k RR points.

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