Pay Any Bill with an Amex on Plastiq for a 2% Fee

plastiq amex promotion

The Offer

Use your American Express card to pay only a 2% Plastiq fee on any payment made by February 28, 2017. (The normal fee is 2.5%.)

How It Works

  1. Submit or schedule a payment for ANY bill.
  2. Make sure the “Processing Date” is no later than February 28, 2017.
  3. Use an American Express card to make the payment.

You can find more information about this promotion on the Plastiq Blog.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
PlastiqWhen you sign up for Plastiq (which lets you pay bills via credit card) with my link, you'll get $200 worth of fee free payments and I'll get $400 worth of fee free payments after you make a payment of at least $20Plastiq makes it possible to pay mortgage, rent, and many other bills via credit card. The usual credit card fee is 2.5%, but they often run lower-fee promotions.

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  1. Shawn
    Do I have to make a payment of over $20.00 to someone before the credit starts or will it credit my account for the first payment as long as it is over $20.00. It also did not show the credit anywhere when I signed up.

  2. Please chime in if I’m missing something in the following strategy; use USAA 2.5% everywhere cashback card, buy AMEX Gift cards via iconsumer portal. Portal pays 1% cash back AND has Fee Free coupon link to amex gift cards. Buy AMEX GC in stipulated $200 denoms up to amount I want to eventually use at Plastiq (say $5,000). I have a premium shipping account at AMEX already (99/yr) for next day delivery. At this point no cost and have earned 3.5% and have 25 $200 AMEX GCs in hand. Use 25 $200 AMEX Gift cards at Plastiq to pay $5,000 in bills. Cost 2%. Net profit 1.5% or $75 –basically all done from my couch on a laptop….?

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