Fairmont Visa Links Gone [Previously: The other Chase card you should consider today]

UPDATE: She’s dead Jim.  All known links are now dead.

UPDATE: Reader Stuart contributed this working link:  Application Link 1

And here’s another link courtesy of Doctor of Credit in case Link 1 goes down: Application Link 2

As I’m sure you know, we had expected the online 100K offer for the Sapphire Reserve to drop to 50K today (January 12th 2017).  At the moment, though, the online offer for the Sapphire Reserve is still 100K.  Maybe it will change sometime later today, or not, I don’t know.  And, it has indeed dropped to 50K.  But, this post isn’t about that…

Yesterday, US Credit Card Guide broke the news that the landing page for the Chase Fairmont Visa Signature card was gone, but a direct offer link still existed.  So, I updated our Best Offers page with the direct link, and I posted the following in the comments:

Fixed Fairmont 2 Free Nights offer.

WARNING: The Fairmont offer is very likely to die at any moment since all traces of the landing page are gone. If you’re interested in this excellent offer, I’d recommend signing up today. More here: https://www.uscreditcardguide.com/chase-fairmont-credit-card/

I’m not trying to twist anyone’s arm here. This is NOT an affiliate link — I do not get anything from people signing up for this card. It’s just a great offer that is very likely to disappear at any moment.

And I followed my own advice.  Both my wife and I signed up for the card this morning.


An awesome offer

The card and signup offer have the following benefits:

  • Earn 2 free nights after $3K spend in 3 months.  Free nights are good for 1 year from date of issue.  There are mixed reports as to whether or not Fairmont will extend the validity of the certificates.
  • First year annual fee waived, then $95
  • Automatic Premier elite status, which gives you the following annual benefits:
    • $50 in dining or spa credits
    • 1 room upgrade
    • 1 suite upgrade
    • 1 free 3rd night on a 3 night stay (can’t be used with the card’s 2 free nights)
  • Earn a free night each year when you spend $12,000 on the card.

The card also earns points that are worth 1 cent each towards gift certificates: 5X Fairmont stays, 2X on airline tickets purchased directly with airlines, at car rental agencies, and on transit and commuting; 1X elsewhere.

The reason I think that this offer is particularly great is that the room upgrades, suite upgrades, and dining credits can be used with the free nights.  In other words, not only do you get 2 free nights in at any Fairmont property in the world, but you can also potentially get very meaningful upgrades and a significant discount off of a couple of breakfasts.

Why we never signed up before

I tend to avoid these card offers for free night certificates that expire after a year.  In those cases there is too much pressure to try to find the best value use and to do so before the time is up.  I much prefer to get signup bonus points that can be used anytime for any type of hotel.  So, in general, I’ll only sign up for free night offers if I already have a plan for how to use those free nights.

Why we signed up now

Last year Accor bought Fairmont.  At that point, it seemed just a matter of time until the Fairmont credit card, as we know it today, would disappear.  Still, we waited because we didn’t have a plan for those free nights.  And we still don’t have a concrete plan.  But, with the disappearance of the card offer landing page, I believe that this may be our absolute last chance to get in on the offer.

Fortunately, the Fairmont card is not affected by Chase’s 5/24 Rule.  In other words, even if you’ve opened 5 or more cards in the past 24 months, it is possible to get approved for this card.  Still, as you may know, I very recently signed up for quite a few cards (see: Why Amtrak? Alaska? Virgin Atlantic? The reasons behind my application spree).  I figured that my wife would get approved easily, but I wasn’t sure about myself.

Application results

Both applications were initially pending:


But I signed into my Chase account and found the card waiting there about an hour later:


Approved!  We’re still waiting for my wife’s approval, but I expect the same result.

What we’ll do with the free nights

I don’t know!  Hawaii is a likely destination.  If so, we’ll stack the nights together in order to get 4 nights in a row.  Or maybe we’ll stay at the Savoy in London.  Or how about the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club?  I’m more than happy to take reader suggestions!  Unless we come up with a plan soon, we’ll wait 3 months to finish the minimum spend so that our certificates will be valid longer (they’re good for a year from when they are issued).


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  1. Looking at doing this same thing…..quick question, does Banff only take a certain number of free night certificates? Looking at going end of May 2018?

    • Banff is one of the hardest places to get into using the free night certificates. One thing that worked for us is getting into the Fairmont Lake Louise (which is also tough) is that we had the agent also search for “VISA Signature” free night availability when the free night cert nights were unavailable. When the agent found the VISA Signature nights she was able to do something to apply the card free nights to the VISA Signature availability.

    • I was told in November by a rep on the Fairmont hotline that tour companies had hogged all the “Fairmont Rooms” at Banff Springs for next summer and that they will start releasing them this February.
      Jasper has availability for summer except for most Wed. & Sat.!

  2. Just FYI, I found these very difficult to use at high-end properties like Banff, Lake Louise and Orchid. They are only useable when the base Fairmont room is available and that is rarely true at the above properties even during low season. I eventually gave up and used them for a weekend at the Olympic in Seattle (which was great), but was disappointed in how difficult it was to use the free nights at some properties.

  3. Another FYI, borderline impossible to use in NYC or London. I used mine in Boston, which was fantastic, but I’ve heard great things about using at Mont Tremblant outside of Montreal for skiing. Their Canadian portfolio is phenomenal, and with the weak CAD vs. USD it’s a perfect time to visit. Enjoy!

  4. Over the past New Years holiday, I redeemed four free nights at the Orchid and used the room upgrades for a partial ocean view room.

  5. So much for curing 5/24, Greg! Now that you’ve overcome that block, will you start churning Virgin cards again?

  6. Used my 2 free nights, suite upgrade and food vouchers with my Fiancé last week in Fairmont Maui. It was a really nice resort and a nicer suite then we’ve got with suite upgrades with Hyatt in several locations (Maui, Dallas, Scottsdale)

  7. Thanks so much for this news! My husband & I were inaugural member of the Fairmont credit card and have gotten fantastic use of it- suite upgrade on free nights at Fairmont, the Palm Dubai, Fairmont Singapore and the Orchid. After the first year, you have to spend $12,000 to get a free night. He cancelled his card months ago to get the 2 free nights and we were waiting to meet the spend level on other cards. I have thought occasionally of cancelling my card and applying for a new one. Do you think the time to do it is now since the offer may likely disappear forever? How long do I have to wait between cancelling the card and applying for a new one? My only concern would be if they didn’t approve the new card for me since i do like the other benefits of the card.

  8. I don’t think my last comment was clear. Right after reading your post, my husband applied for the Fairmont card. I was just wondering what you thought about my cancelling and applying.

  9. Thanks Greg! Husband and I just applied and both approved although both WAY over 5/24. Husband received instant approval, and I had a number given to me to call to provide further information. Easy call, just moved credit from another card. Hope you’ll write some posts on using the certificates!

  10. Some tips about Fairmont from a Lifetime Platinum…

    Call the individual properties directly as the FPC line staff tend to be a little stingy with these Visa nights.

    Best to book pay nights and then call in to “oh, look we have the free Visa nights”. If you do leave one paid night ahead of the free nights…even better! You may REALLY want to do this at Lake Louise to ensure you get a lake view room which is WORTH it!

    Eat away the food certs and then you can apply the dining certs at check out. Do not try to apply them at the restaurants because not all staff know how to handle it. Or you may get lucky and get some free food if you go that route (as it happened to us).

    Lake Louise has a “Breakfast in the lake” activity, so worth the money, go for it!

    The hiking around Lake Louise is absolutely fantastic!

    Morraine Lake is even more beautiful than Lake Louise!

    Interested on the Kenya property and safari…so, how do we get to Kenya with miles? 🙂

    For more details, check out my trip report:


  11. If you go to HI, I would stack the 4 nights together, then pay for two nights, and book the 7th night as the “3rd night free” benefit. HI is a long flight and you might as well stay a while.

  12. Maui’s expensive. String 4 free nights together at the Kea Lani and use 1 suite upgrade (to get a slightly upgraded view room).

    You can also spend some time on Hawaii’s big island. If you are willing to pay for 2 nights at Fairmont Orchid, you can stack 2 paid nights with a 3rd night free certificate, with 1 suite upgrade.

    You’ll pay resort fees at both properties no matter what, but it’s still a great deal.

  13. Sorry I missed re-applying for this before it died. I did it a few years back, and used my free nights in Maui. It was great.

  14. I just wanted to add a comment about people looking to use the Fairmont certificates at Banff or Lake Louise. About 2 years ago I was in the same boat where I couldn’t use my free nights at either place. I think a lot of tour companies reserve blocks of rooms at the hotels and sell them as part of a travel package. Either you need to book up your room before the travel companies or if you wait until a week or two before your trip, the travel companies will cancel their unused rooms and you may find good availability.

    • Dates for Banff this summer finally opened up in early February. I was told that the Fairmont Mountain View Rooms are applicable.

  15. I used my two nights last month at Old Quebec’s Frontenac. Beautiful historic hotel in a prime location; suite upgrade gave us extra room for the kids and the meal certs nearly covered a downright lavish buffet breakfast (exchange rate is great!). I never would have paid the ~$1500 CAD cost for two nights. Best value I’ve received out of a hotel card signup bonus.

  16. Just got approved for the fairmont Visa, Yay me!!. I was initially denied for this card a few months ago, so I figured I would try again, and it worked.

  17. Greg my wife and I each got this card last year, we booked three nights at Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui which is all suite already but were upgraded to ocean view, very comfortable for family of four, beautiful hotel, private beach, used dinner certificates for excellent dinner.

    We used the fourth free night in conjunction with a Chase UR booking at the Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, got an over the top upgrade to a gorgeous signature riverview suite, more like an apartment, included Gold floor lounge, art deco, dining room, two bathrooms, right on the Bund, amazing view, maybe the best room I’ve ever had. Exceptional service in an iconic hotel. So enjoy!

  18. Greg, if you use your nights at the Orchid on the Big Island, I would love to assist you and your wife in trip planning. I have lived on the island for almost 30 years and can recommend many activities that may be off the tourist radar. I am a big points and miles fan so it would be fun to” talk story” ( a local phrase) with you. I can be reached at dar1ene at icloud.com.

  19. DP: I have an email invitation for this card from 30 days ago that I had planned to use. Never did. Tried the link in the email, applied (link worked) and was given a reference number and requested to call in. After some financial grilling and shifting of credit lines I was approved @ 6:30pm today. Search your emails for any Fairmont Visa card invitations, mine still worked!

  20. Applied with the latest link and they said to call and was on hold for 40 minutes. After reallocating credit both me and my spouse were approved. Thanks.

  21. Hi FM,

    I understand this card doesn’t come under 5/24 rule. But do you think, applying for this card, will affect my approval for Sapphire Reserve? I applied for Reserve card yesterday and the status is pending and I am just wondering if applying for this card will affect my pending application? Any thoughts…

    Thanks for the link though!

    • i’m on the 5/24 rule right now. denied for united card yesterday.

      same type of question. i understand we can apply if we’re within that 5/24 rule but does it affect future approval for a 5/24 card?

      also, we’ve had this card in the past but more than 24 months ago. this is one of the few where you can get the bonus more than once, right?

    • Doctor of Credit posted here:


      that the general suspicion is that Accor will end the credit card agreement, and Chase will convert the existing cards into Freedom Unlimited cards. That’s what happened when the Zappos card was discontinued. The other possibility is that Accor will strike a new credit card deal with another issuer, who might by the “back book” of all the existing accounts, which would then convert the existing Chase accounts to that new product. That’s what happened when Citibank bought the former Amex Costco accounts. But that seems unlikely, based on Accor not having any US credit cards right now.

  22. Thanks, wife and I just got instant approval with link #2. Over 5/24 but no recent (last 3 mos) apps. Now if only we could get preapproved in branch for the Reserve… Do you have a post about using the room/suite upgrades? Thanks for suggestions in the comments.

  23. Link still working today! Thanks Greg. I actually cancelled my existing Fairmont card (from 2012) yesterday and then applied for a new card immediately afterwards and got the new bonuses. I never knew that you could do it all on the same day with Chase. I would not have done this to Fairmont, but the Accor program is terrible so I wanted to get any Fairmont benefits now.

    I did have to talk to the reconsideration line but got it done! Thanks to all the people who reported in letting us know that inks were still working after them not working for a lot of the time yesterday. Also another tip: The reconsideration line person told me that my app was going to have to be reviewed at a higher level which would take a week to two weeks. I asked her if this was standard procedure to which she replied that if I wanted to move credit from another card, she could complete the approval right then! Done deal.

  24. Thanks! Big fan of your site. Applied and approved today after calling in to juggle credit line. Was told by the rep. that $5K is the minimum for this card because it’s a Visa Signature.

  25. Greg,

    Applied last Friday & it went to pending. Talked to lending services/ recon and was told couple of times that they can’t do anything since the app is reviewed by ‘another team’ and I need to wait for the letter.

    I’m also told that I’m unable to talked this other team and no way to expedite the process.

    Are you aware of any such experiences?


      • Logged on to see the Fairmont card on my Chase account last night. I did call a few times but never got a decision over the phone and the last thing I was told that they might be able to shorten the 30 day period to 10 business days.

        Was pleasantly surprised to see the card on my account with a 5K (the minimum I guess?) limit.

  26. “[B1BomberVB,] you’re approved!”
    Greg, oh-so-thank-U for these links! I found this page via a Google search for “Chase Fairmont card.” In Nov. 2016 I made up my mind to apply for this card to milk it for 2 free nights, but I decided to gamble by waiting till January so I could get Premier status & bennies for 2017 & 2018! But I went on vacation for New Year’s until Jan. 9, and at home on Jan. 10 I found the Flyertalk page announcing the termination/ disappearance of the application pages.

      • False alarm! Both links returned Error messages after my approval, but after tossing my cookies, they work again 🙂 !

    • I must be the last new cardmember or close to it, thanks to this thread. When I logged into my Chase account around noon EST today, my new Fairmont account was showing along with my existing Hyatt & IHG Chase Visas!

      • I’m willing to cut Chase a deal 😉 . If they don’t want to send me the Visa card, they can just give me my welcome benefits: 2 free nights, B2G1 night & Premier status!

  27. All applications are discontinued and all links are not working as of 8am on 1/17/2017/. Both Chase and Fairmont state that they are no longer taking applications. End of story.

  28. I’ve updated the post to indicate that the links are now dead. Congratulations to everyone who got their applications in on time!

    For those asking about whether to call for approval: I don’t see any reason to do so other than impatience. Simply wait until you get an official decision. Only if the official answer is no do you then need to call and ask for reconsideration.

  29. I was happy to get an app in on Sunday night. However, it went to pending, so I patiently waited and kept checking to see if the new card was added to my Chase account. I figured perhaps they weren’t working Monday (holiday), so I waited a little longer. They initially pulled Experian and then pulled Equifax the next day, so I thought that meant they were on the verge of taking action. Or, not. Finally, I called recon this afternoon (Thursday) and eventually got approved after agreeing to take $5k CL from CSR. Maybe this would’ve gotten processed on its own eventually, but I didn’t want to wait longer since even the secret links had ceased working. I’ve actually never stayed at a Fairmont, so I’m excited! 🙂

  30. I signed both my wife and I up without Fairmont President Club numbers since we don’t have accounts. As usual, the language on the app said they’d create an account for us if approved. Anyone know how to retrieve that information? We received our cards today, but unlike other co-branded cards we have, the club # is not embossed on the card. I called Chase and they said to call Fairmont in 2 weeks. Better way? Will we get a mailer?

      • Thanks so much for replying. I didn’t receive an email (even checked my Spam), so I’ll have to do as Chase suggested and call Fairmont in the next week or two. Drats!

        • My wife’s got approved, however no email from Fairmont indicating her Fairmont number.

          Has anyone had any luck with this?

        • Nope. Chase has been unable to give me the number and I haven’t heard from Fairmont. I emailed them via the website yesterday and received this response:

          Thank you for your email. Due to higher than normal volume, please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for processing your Visa Chase status in the Fairmont President’s Club.

  31. How many days after hitting minimum spend will the free nights post? Will are they valid for 12 months from the day they appear in my account?

  32. I was out of town for a few days and returned last night to have a letter from Fairmont advising me that my two complimentary nights have been added to my FPC online profile. Great, since I was considering using them next month. Only, like so many of you, I’ve never received anything telling me how to access my account. I called and got someone on the phone almost immediately. He could find no trace of me. Odd, since the letter clearly says the certificates have *already* been added to my account. Did they get credited to someone else? The rep asked for the date of the letter (Feb 5). “Oh,” he said, in a discouraging tone. It seems they’ve been so inundated with new Chase cardholders, that they haven’t even been able to CREATE new FPC accounts. He assured me that once they do this (no estimate timeframe), the certificates will indeed be deposited accordingly. So, there’s a reason so many of us haven’t gotten email or anything else welcoming us to FPC, as we don’t actually have accounts (yet). So much for a quick reward for eagerly and quickly meeting minimum spend. 🙂

    • Thanks for this useful update! This fits with what I was told by email last week: that there was a backlog it would take 2-3 weeks to clear. I’m also close to meeting spend on my wife’s card, so I’m actually going to slow a bit.

      These travel blogs have really changed the industry. Greg’s post (and DoC I guess) apparently got tens of thousands of people to apply for this otherwise obscure card in the final week of its life. Interesting stuff…

      • EDIT: The email from Fairmont actually said 4-6 weeks, not 2-3. Just saw that above. Wow…they must do these by hand from chase and are way way behind.. .

        • Update: My wife got an email yesterday welcoming her to Fairmont PC. She applied before me — probably about a day or two after Greg’s initial post. So all told, it took about a month for her to get the PC info, despite having the card for about 3 weeks already.

  33. I just my account and the free certificates and food certificates etc all expire on 02/28/17.

    Now I am not sure about the 2 free nights but the rest of the standard certficates expire on 02/28/17.

    I assume we get new ones on 03/01/17 that expires in 2018?

  34. Here is a snap shot
    $25 USD Dining/Willow Stream Certificate 20/Jan/2017 28/Feb/2017
    $25 USD Dining/Willow Stream Certificate 20/Jan/2017 28/Feb/2017
    3rd Night Free 20/Jan/2017 28/Feb/2017
    Complimentary Room Upgrade 20/Jan/2017 28/Feb/2017
    Complimentary Suite Upgrade 20/Jan/2017 28/Feb/2017

    • Did anyone get the certificates on their account?? I don’t have any certificate at all and I have not used any.

      • I have been an FPC member since 2009, so no new-account problems. Around Feb. 9 I got my 5 Premier cert.s which all expired Feb. 28. Now it’s March 3, but I have not yet received my certs. expiring Feb. 28/ 2018.
        Also, I hit the $3K spending threshold ~ Feb. 23, but still have no free-night certs.

      • I had a rep manually add the Premier certificates (exp 02.28.18) tonight. She said it may be another 2-4 weeks before the free nights are added.

  35. I received a letter saying the certificates had been added to my account, but the reality wasn’t that my account did not yet exist. Now that I’ve had an account for a couple of weeks, My Certificates is still empty. :/

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