Great Amex Offer: 20K points for $1,000 spend with Air France

AF Amex Offer

American Express has a great new Amex Offer for 20,000 Membership Rewards points on a cumulative $1,000 in spending with Air France by April 14th, 2017. This offer may be targeted, but it appears on all of the MR-earning cards in my household.

The terms clearly state that is is valid for one or more transactions, meaning that you do not need to spend the full $1,000 in one charge.  The terms also state that the charge must be made on online or via the Air France mobile app.

This is a terrific offer as it amounts to 21x-25x depending on which Amex card you use to pay for your ticket.  The ideal scenario would be to make a $1,000 purchase on an American Express Platinum card (personal version) for 5x airline spend plus the 20k bonus for 25k Membership Rewards points.

With already decreasing airfares in both economy and business class cabins, this offer could be quite valuable.  A quick search yielded results of $399 for round trip economy class from Boston to Copenhagen on Air France in September:


If adding extra checked bags or upgraded seat selection, you could get to the $1,000 spend and earn a nice rebate in the form of Membership Rewards on top of the miles you will earn from the flight.  You may even find tickets priced a bit lower and squeeze in three tickets for around $1,000.

This offer expires April 14th, but it may disappear at any time, so I suggest adding it to your eligible cards as soon as possible.  See our Complete Guide to Amex Offers to review ways of adding the offer to multiple cards.

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    • I had this offer on all of my family’s membership rewards earning cards. You’ll have to log into your account and see if you have it on each card. However, before adding it to one card, see the post I linked to about adding an offer to multiple cards. I use the multiple tabs method referred to in that post to add an offer to multiple cards when an offer shows up on more than one card.

  1. 20k is attractive But if I don’t want to go to Europe at this moment, can I get some benefit with this offer? Like buying gift cards/travel packages for future?

    • I would imagine that buying gift cards would work. Word of advice: check into gift card terms/limitations before buying them. Several years ago, I bought AA gift cards with intent to use them to pay award taxes/fees, but was surprised to find out that they can only be used to purchase flights (award taxes/fees must be charged to a credit/debit card). I do not know Air France’s policies, but I would want to check into any limitations before getting into $1,000 in gift cards.

      On the other hand, you could certainly purchase travel for the future. The purchase must be made by April 14th — you could book travel any time through the end of the schedule (usually about 11 months out). Remember that Air France also flies to many destinations beyond Europe and has a lot of code shares that can also be purchased via the website. The example in the post for Air France flights to Paris could be booked for a return on Delta/KLM for a few dollars more.

      Also, you aren’t limited to Europe. Air France serves an extensive range of cities in Africa and a number of destinations in the Middle East and Asia as well. Pricing can really vary depending on the market from which you originate.

    • I don’t think you can. If you were on a flight originating outside of the US, there are codeshares on domestic connections that can be booked via Air France, bu I don’t believe you can book an entirely domestic cash ticket through Air France.

  2. I just spent a bit over 1k on fuel surcharges on frequent flyer miles tickets. That was on November 25. Two options trying to get AMEX to look back and give me credit or cancel the flights then immediately rebook and pay the AF charges for 20k miles? Any advice?

    • I would highly doubt that they will give you the offer bonus for a purchase you made 2.5 months ago. You can certainly call and ask, but I don’t think there is any chance of success with that method.

      If you cancel and rebook, you would probably get the offer if you’re booking online. If you’re booking over the phone, YMMV (the offer terms say the purchase must be via or the Air France app; we know that terms and reality don’t always match, but I can’t say for sure whether or not you’ll get the points based on a phone purchase).

      However, be aware that the seats you cancel may not immediately return to award inventory — this varies tremendously. I wouldn’t cancel your existing reservation unless you are willing to risk losing that flight. That may not be a problem if there is availability on other flights/days that would work for you, but something to consider before making changes.

  3. any indication whether flight has to be on air france metal or will any sky team/code share carrier do? from the t’s and c’s, appears only restriction is that the flight be purchased directly through their site. thanks!

  4. Asking again if anyone has tried using the offer to buy AF Gift Cards and that worked for the AMEX offer? I looked all over and cannot tell for sure if it will or not. Any direction would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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