Plastiq fee-free promo being pulled tonight at 11:59pm Pacific


We previously wrote about a promotion from Plastiq that offered $2500 in fee-free payments for business card holders. That promotion was scheduled to end March 31st, but we have received word that Plastiq will be pulling this promotion early — as of 11:59pm Pacific Time Friday, March 10th.

According to word we received from Plastiq:

While we were excited to do this promotion, we noticed that it ended up creating more confusion than happiness for our customers. 

We’ve also been informed that they plan to launch a new, extended referral promotion on Tuesday, March 14th that will be available to everyone.  We don’t have any details on the new promotion or how it compares to the current one.


If you are interested in signing up for the current promotion, Plastiq has confirmed that you would need to both sign up under someone’s referral and make your first payment of $100 or more with a business card before 11:59pm Pacific time. See our previous post for referral codes from readers.

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  1. I made payment around 12am central time (11pm PST). I assume I made the cut, still only shows $200 credit only as of today and transaction history shows done on 3/11 vs 3/10.

    • same for me. i was well in advance of 11:59 PST, but the email i immediately received showed 3/11 also. not too hopeful.

    • Just chatted them.
      They said that the 24 hour for the credit to update kicks off when the check is in flight(ie mailed). my current status of payment just shows the card was charged but not the check was sent.

      He could not confirm if I qualified or not and marketing team would review once the check is sent.

      So I assume it will hopefully be sent later today and it marketing can review for Tues/Wed.

  2. I made my 1st purchase Saturday morning at 1 AM NYC time using one of the referal offered on the other post.
    I just chated with a “Member Services Manager” and he replied the following “you are within the time period and we are crediting all users today by end of day so please keep an eye out for bonus referral credits”.

    So I will be looking at my balance tonight

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