More free money & 5x on Visa Gift Cards at Staples this week


Last night, I mentioned my love of free money.  Starting today and ending Saturday, March 18th, Staples has some of that to give in the form of a $20 EZ Rebate on $300 in Visa gift cards. This is an easy way to rack up some rewards points and put a few bucks in your pocket on top. Free money and free points shouldn’t be ignored.


  • Valid 3/12-3/18
  • Limit 1 rebate per household
  • In-store purchases only
  • Rebate will come in the form of a $20 Visa gift card by mail

This deal is best maximized by paying with a card that earns 5x/5% at office supply stores, such as the Chase Ink Plus or Amex SimplyCash Plus.  To maximize profit and rewards, you would want to buy two $200 Visa Gift cards. Alternatively, you could buy one $100 gift card and one $200 gift card (or any other combination to reach $300 in gift cards), but activation fees will cumulatively make up a higher percentage of your purchase price and decrease or eliminate your profit.

If you bought two of the $200 gift cards, you would spend $413.90 and receive a total of $420.00 in Visa gift cards (two $200 cards and the $20 rebate card). In other words:

$413.90 (cost) = $420 in Visa gift cards + 2,070 Chase Ultimate Rewards / $20.70 cash back

Put more simply: x = x + more.  That’s my kinda math.

These Visa gift cards should be PIN-enabled, with the PIN being the last four digits of the card.

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  1. Getting a little confused with liquidating these various flavored gift cards. USPS will not sell money orders with these Staples gift cards, correct? The only Walmart near me will not sell a money order with any gift card, and neither will any Kroger. How can these be laundered?

    • They’re not illegal in any way, so “laundered” isn’t the proper word here. “Liqudated” is the correct word perhaps.

  2. Hi,

    The math is slightly off. The math here is for a rebate coming as a check or instant.

    What it really should be is $413.93 as your cost for $420 worth of visa gift cards since you are getting back a visa gift card as a rebate. If you say the visa gift cards you are buying are not cash then the visa gift card you get ares a rebate is also not exactly cash.

    Thanks for theverything heads up.

  3. My official Stables rebate form says “limit 1 rebate per name/address/household”. Has anyone tried to do multiple rebates per address using different names? For instance, can I get a rebate and my wife get a rebate?

  4. Are you sure about the Staples Visa GC deal this week? Local Staples could not confirm it, and the link you hung yesterday is dead. Has anyone purchased these in-store since 3/12?

  5. Does this work in Canadian Staples? Im traveling in Vancouver and there is a Staples in the same building as my hotel. I dont have a Staples back home in New Orleans so it would be great to take advantage.

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