$15 Grocery Credit on $250 in Visa Gift Cards at Stop & Shop, Giant, and Martin’s


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Starting tomorrow, March 17th, through next Thursday, March 23rd, several regional grocery chains are offering a $15 shopping credit when purchasing $250 in Visa Gift Cards. Note that the shopping credit can not be used on gift cards, but should work on most groceries. The terms do not seem to limit the number of times this deal can be repeated.

Stop and Shop 15 credit on 250

The Deal

  • $15 off your next order with a $250 Visa Gift Card purchase
  • Links to Stop and Shop, Giant, and Martin’s. You’ll find this ad on page 8.

Key Terms

  • Valid from Friday, March 17th to Thursday, March 23rd
  • $15 shopping credit will print on receipt
  • $15 shopping credit will expire on April 6th
  • Terms state that you must use your store loyalty card when purchasing
  • One offer per transaction
  • Terms clearly state that the $15 credit can not be used to buy another gift card
  • Terms do not state a limit on the number of times this deal can be repeated


You’ll want to use a credit card that earns a bonus on grocery store spend. If you use a card like the Amex Everyday Preferred, which can earn 4.5 points per dollar on the first $6,000 per year in U.S. Supermarket spend when used at least 30 times in a billing cycle, you can maximize your rewards

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    • Interesting. I was going off of what Doctor of Credit said. In the comments on the DoC post, someone else reported the same today — but then another person commenting saying that they bought 4 in separate transactions and already used all 4 $15 coupons. I wonder if it varies by chain/store/region. If you don’t mind me asking, was your purchase at S&S, Giant, or Martin’s? Thanks for the data point.

      • Think you and Doc are putting to much stock in one (maybe two?) isolated and vague data point on docs thread. Most of us are reporting the very clear, bold lettered indication on the receipts. (of just one per household) The terms are NOT that clear….. (could also be referring to one or the other promotion in the ad per transaction) At my Martin’s in Waynesboro, VA, yes, I could buy a V/L vcg with a cc, and got the $15 coupon on receipt which I used same day. (to buy groceries same day, different transaction)

        Yes, multiple posters on doc’s thread thus far said they had more than one coupon — from separate transactions. (but the coupon # was the same, and we’re awaiting confirmation if they actually were able to use more than one coupon with the same #)

        I’m rather dubious….. til I see much more detailed confirmation.

        ps: Another limit on scaling this will be the requirement that each separate transaction likely will need to obtain a formal manager check.

        • Between here and there, I count 6 people who have said that they received $15 coupon codes on multiple transactions and 3 who said the coupon did not print on the second purchase. There are at least 3 people in the DoC thread who have reported using multiple coupons without issue. Zero people have reported being unable to use more than one of the $15 coupons. One commenter here and one there suggest that the $15 coupons are usually generic (something you could test by having a friend use his or her loyalty card and compare the $15 coupon he/she receives with the one you received — I suspect the barcodes are identical). The question is whether or not the register will print the second coupon for you. It has printed for more people than it hasn’t, but it obviously isn’t working everywhere.

          You’re right that many gift card deals that are repeatable will require separate transactions.

          I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to make a purchase that they aren’t comfortable with making — no reason to buy a second gift card if you think the deal won’t repeat. On the other hand, if you use a card that earns at least 3% at grocery stores, you’re at least marginally ahead even if the second coupon doesn’t print. There isn’t an immediate monetary loss on testing a second card.

  1. tried buying VGCs in two transactions yesterday, only the first transaction produced the coupon. says limit 1 per household.

  2. I see no such terms, “one per household” on the coupons generated for me in NJ. My coupons state, “limit one coupon per customer transaction”. This is like the coupons just before Thanksgiving which gave you a $20 coupon. I’ve gotten 20 coupons in the 1st two days and will continue to buy a minimum of 10 VGC’s per day until the promo ends. Depending on the store & CSR will determine how many VGC’s you can buy in separate transactions.

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