10% off Lowe’s / 20% off Panera eGift cards at Staples

Lowes 100 for 90 Staples 5-7-17

In addition to this week’s rebate on Visa gift cards, Staples is offering 10% off on Lowe’s $100 gift cards and 20% off on $50 Panera gift cards. This is an easy way to continue to pile up rewards at Staples this week.

Panera 50 for 40 Staples 5-7-17

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Offer expires 5/13/17 (but at least the Lowe’s GCs are likely to sell out sooner)
  • Limit 3 of each
  • Staples does not sell more than $2,000 in gift cards in a single order

Quick Thoughts

This is a great chance to save a few bucks and earn 5X on a card like the Ink Plus (no longer available) or Ink Cash. Each Lowe’s $100 gift card will cost you $90 and net you 450 Ultimate Rewards. This would be a great way to save 10% and earn 5X if you have a purchase coming up at Lowe’s. Keep in mind that you lose credit card extended warranty/purchase protection when paying with gift cards, so you have to decide which is worth more to you based on the item you are purchasing. I would expect the Lowe’s gift cards to sell out — if you are interested, I suggest buying sooner rather than later. Also keep in mind that Staples email delivery is not instant — it usually takes a few days to receive your gift cards.

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Don’t forget to go through a portal for Staples (4 pts UR Ink) and if you are a Veteran, when you use the GC you receive a 10% discount @ Lowes. Potential 29% discount.


I just tried and got message that Panera gift cards are sold out on line. Still was able to pick up Lowe’s cards.

Do you think this will stack with the current AMEX offers for Staples? I gave it a shot and went through SW portal and will see if they credit miles. Doesn’t hurt to try.


Received Lowes GC’s. Took 2 1/2 hrs..


Here at 3:30 p.m. on May 7 it appears the Lowes deal is dead.


Egift cards showed out of stock. This is also working on the physical $100 GC. I just bought 3 Lowe’s gift cards at 4:30 pm. Bought 3 more under different account at 4:45. You should try again Hood.


How Lowe’s gift cards can be used? How to liquidate them?


Today I tried to buy Lowes gift card but it didn’t give $10 discount both email delivery & physical. Is the deal dead?


Tried to purchase both cards and both are showing full price. So much for the weekly special.


[…] 10% off Lowe’s / 20% off Panera eGift cards at Staples […]