15% cash back at Staples & 200+ stores for Ebates birthday week

Ebates 15 birthday week

Ebates is offering 15% cash back at more than 200 stores as part of its birthday week — with new stores being added every day. While it’s always smart to check Cashbackmonitor.com for the best rates, many stores are at or near 15-month highs.

The Offer

  • 15% cash back at more than 200 stores
  • New stores added daily this week
  • Direct link here.

Ebates birthday week

Some Examples

For example, 15% back at Kohl’s matches the 15-month historical high (which was during Ebates birthday week last year):

Kohls 15mo historical

I don’t think I ever recall Staples being anywhere near 15% back. Remember that most gift cards purchased through Staples do not pay out portal rewards. Check the Frequent Miler Laboratory for details.

Staples 15mo historical

While HP has hit 15% before, this would be a nice stack with the current Amex Offer for HP.com. Additionally, see our guide to HP Extreme Stacking laptops, tablets, printers, Ink, and more for more information on building yourself a great deal.

HP 15-mo historical

Speaking of Amex Offers, if you got stuck with Neiman Marcus gift cards a few months ago and are still holding them, today might be a good day to spend them. While 15% back at Neiman Marcus isn’t as rare as the others above, it’s the best rate we’ve seen since Cyber Monday in November. And it would stack well with the current Neiman Marcus Gift Card Event (check the Neiman Marcus website for terms and conditions and information on how to identify qualifying items):

Neiman Marcus May 08 Gift Card Event

Final Thoughts

There are surely plenty of other examples of great deals — these are just a few of the many stores offering 15% back today. As always, shop around to be sure you’re getting the best rates and prices and be aware of portal terms — such as whether or not they pay out on the purchase/redemtpion of gift cards. Also remember that using a promo code that isn’t found on the portal site sometimes invalidates cash back. I find that most key promo codes are listed on Ebates, but if you order using one that is not listed know that it may cause trouble with cash back tracking/payout. Best of luck with the promo and share your great finds in the comments.

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  1. Are there ANY gift cards that you can buy at Staples.com that reliably pay Ebates cashback? The Laboratory isn’t very definitive on this. Lately, it seems, most of the very-good-cashback-deals ultimately fail.

    • The key thing to look for in the laboratory is that unlike pretty much every other merchant in the world, with Staples whether or not a gift card purchase works depends on the specific type of gift card (merchant + delivery type). I haven’t specifically tried ebates with any of those recently though.

  2. Ebates no longer pays out HP egift card. I just ordered one yesterday. Ebates tracked my purchase but the cashback amount is 0.

  3. Be cautious and confirm that the business has NOT retracted their 15% offer. I went to place a Tory Burch order via Ebates and noticed that the rebate percentage had changed from 15% back to 2.5% so I immediately emailed Ebates to see what was going on (ironically, I went to purchase something from Bloomingdale’s previously and discovered that the 15% rebate had disappeared). Please see the below email exchange with Ebates:
    Member Services (Ebates)
    May 11, 00:14 PDT

    Hello Stacey,

    Please disregard my previous email, as it was sent in error. Tory Burch has just retracted itself from the Ebates Birthday week promotion. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
    Austin L.
    Member Services
    Member Services (Ebates)
    May 11, 00:13 PDT

    Hello Stacey,

    Thank you for your email. Tory Burch is currently offering 15% Cash Back at this time. If your order is credited at a lower rate, please let us know and we will manually adjust the amount for you.
    Austin L.
    Member Services
    May 11, 00:11 PDT


    I activated the 15% Tory Burch Ebate. When I went to check
    out the percentage changed back to 2.5%. What
    happened??? My computer was not paused for a period of
    time. I was shopping the entire time. Thank you for your

  4. FOLLOW-UP to my previous post. BRAVO EBATES for operating ethically!

    Member Services (Ebates)
    May 11, 00:35 PDT

    Hi Stacey,

    I apologize for the confusion. We will gladly offer the full 15% rebate for this order since there was an error in communication regarding this. For this Cash Back, please send along the order confirmation (that includes an order number, products purchased, order date and price breakdown showing product total, shipping, tax and method of payment) so that we can look into this matter for you.

    I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out more information. Feel free to reach out to me if you still have any questions. Thank you.
    Austin L.
    Member Services

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